Cryptcl: There Will Be Blood !

“There will be blood” should be the new slogan for the monopolistic profiteering of Planned Parenthood. They control the fetus extermination business. They support and practice the grisly dismemberment and suction techniques to end helpless innocent human life. They practice it with a passion, touting the “high moral” ground of feminist rights versus government interference in the private life’s of citizens. Legally, activist judges created the “right to privacy” to justify the exclusion of any input but the mother to terminate her pregnancy. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t the right to life trump the right to privacy. In one case some uncomfortable private knowledge is revealed, whereas, in the other case an innocent life is grusomely denied the right to life.
An innocent life, 18 days after conception, reveals a beating heart. 24 days after conception the framework of brain, lungs, heart, and circulatory system is fully visible. My experience in life has demonstrated that anything with a “beating heart” is alive. The fetus that can live outside the womb has often been the “benchmark” of the beginning of live. There is a problem with this definition. It “allows killing fetus’ based on some unclear, inconsistent legal definition of life”. Unfortunately, legal definitions are tailored for legal semantic arguments and not moral issues. These are living beings, not semantics. Scientific advances have proved the age that a fetus can survive is getting younger and younger every year as medical and scientific skills improve. Fetus’ that would have died 10 years ago, can now thrive outside the womb because of new medical techniques. The right to life of a fetus is a fundamental moral question. When does that fetus deserve classification as human, and has a right to life, like all the rest of us who were not murdered before we had a chance to live.Feminists scream a woman has the right to her own body, and the decisions that impact it. Unfortunately, once a fetus is growing, the womans body is shared. To make a decision to abort the fetus is providing women with the license to kill based on what is convenient at the time. It allows women to falsely claim the child is unwanted and forced upon me by others. Rape is immediately discussed when talking of terminating pregnancies. There have been 43 million abortions performed by Planned Parenthood since Roe v. Wade was established by activist judges bent on the realization of their own ideology and political world view. The making up of the “right to privacy”. In reality, less that 1 percent of abortions are the result of rape.

The remaining 42+ million abortions are avoiding the inconvenience of raising a child. Once a fetus’ heart beats…..the raising of a child has already begun. Yet millions of people follow the mantra of “ooops I’m not ready for a child….Kill It !” They present this view as a logical and defensible treatment by progressive thinkers. I see it as an irresponsible, ignorant, and cruel decision to brutalize the helpless so a child does not complicate and burden the “elitist, liberal, self-absorbed, anti-family, hateful, metrosexual lifestyle”. They view it as no more serious than throwing out the trash. In reality, the future generations are piling up in garbage bins behind Planned Parenthood. The American version of the “killing fields”.

The same liberals who condemn and chastise big business (oil, drugs, automotive, insurance), has the federal government pay to the tune of $340 million in 2007 to the monopoly known as Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has used this money to execute more children than Hitler, Stallin, Po Pot, and Mao Tsetung combined.

I guess a “progressive worldview” means “There will be Blood”.

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