Cryptcl: Types of Jihad

I Have Been Made Victorious Through Terror – Mohammad

Here are the other types of Jihad people don’t realize: from FaithFreedom
Jihad has many fronts in the West namely, Military, Immigration, Population Growth, Intellectual, Economy, Politics, and Freedom of Religion.

  • Military Jihad – is the struggle for Muslims to bear arms and fight militarily against Non-Muslims. Terrorism is just a small part of this military Jihad. Using any kinds of weapon to kill Non-Muslims and most of the times Muslims is military Jihad.
  • Immigration Jihad – is the struggle for Muslims to migrate from one point to another and occupy their new environment without integrating into it so as to use this new colony as a base to spread Islam. Muslims have to establish their own school so that their children will not be influenced by any standard but that of Islam.
  • Population Jihad – is the struggle to have many wives and many children inside a Non-Muslim country so as to overwhelm the Non-Muslim population, thus Muslims will become the majority. It is also forbidden for Muslim women to marry Non-Muslim men to make sure no Muslim women and their children will become Non-Muslims, but it is encouraged for Muslim men to marry Non-Muslim women to convert her to Islam, for this it is assured that their children will also become Muslims.
  • Intellectual Jihad – is the struggle in which Muslims engage in all types of discussions to refute any accusations against Islam. Islamic propaganda machines belong to this type of Jihad, although Muslims prefer to use politics as a propaganda tool easier to use than intellectual Jihad. Muslim scholars who are willing to engage in debates with Ali Sina are doing intellectual Jihad. The reason why not too many of Muslims are willing to do this, is because intellectual Jihad was never prescribed by Muhammad but came about as a result of the internet. It is easier to kill those who criticize Islam than to argue with them especially using the power of reasons. In fact by far Muslims loses every time they commit into discussing subjects criticizing Islam.
  • Economic Jihad – is the struggle to advance Islam through economic means. This is why Islam holds the West hostage through its fossil fuel of death. Every time we pay our gas we also pay a huge amount not only to finance Islamic military Jihad but also to finance all types of Jihad I mentioned here.
  • Political Jihad – is to advance Islam through political means making presidents hostage to say Islam is a religion of peace. It is also a struggle to make common goals with those who hate Israel and America and to my astonishments with Americans who hate their fellow Americans for political reasons, that these Americans would rather ignore the real threat of Islam against their own lives and would actually say there is no Islamic terrorism in America.
  • Religious Jihad – is to use the West’s freedom to advance Islam. Freedom of religion is Muslims’ favorite compromise to advance Islam in the West while the West cannot export any religion anywhere in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam. Saudi Arabia has been the number one financer to build mosques all around the world and yet it is forbidden to bring even a small crucifix inside their country. The West just closes its eyes especially the Vatican that just recently received a sword as a gift from a Saudi Royalty, as if there’s nothing has happened. How stupid could the Vatican be not to catch the real meaning of the sword?
  • Educational Jihad – this includes setting up Muslim schools from kindergarten through high school. These schools are designed to continuously reaffirm and teach students to behave like good Muslims. Remember, only bad Muslims socialize with non-Muslims, the American government is an enemy of Islam, all non-Muslims are godless and worthless, and study, study, study the Koran everyday and understand and memorize what the Koran says. Each generation of home grown American Muslims will be properly trained, indoctrinated, and brain washed for loyalty to Islam, rules, laws, and morals before loyalty to America, democracy, freedoms, liberties, or capitalism. They are raising covert operatives as enemies against America, as they live and enjoy the freedoms and liberties that America provides.


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