Cryptcl: U.S. Freedoms, Muslim Immigration, and Criminal Organizations

America. Forever changing , forever growing, and world’s best nation to provide growth and opportunities. For hundreds of years immigrants have arrived in America from all over the world. They arrive at our shores, usually move into an ethnic neighborhood with family members and friends from the old country. Within a relative short time they are independent self-sufficient working homeowners. The reason it happens so fast is that America has so many freedoms that people are able to find what they are good at, and then try to build an American career for themselves.

One reason for the fairly quick assimilation into American culture and society is the fact most immigrants left their old country because there was little work and few opportunities. They come to America and see endless opportunities, freedom of speech, right to assembly, freedom of religion, and many more great human rights for all.

Immigrants come to America to become Americans. That’s their goal. Muslim immigrants unfortunately have a much more insidious reason to come to our country. There goal is not to become Americans, but rather to force Americans to become Muslim. They look at America as unclean, selfish, material, valueless, and immoral society that needs to be destroyed and replaced with Islamic society, Islamic Law, and Sharia Law. They will try to force mass conversions by terrorist attacks. A Muslim wakes every morning and is disgusted by the liberties in this country. There is no discussion of integrating into America. Muslims don’t want the freedoms and liberties. They want to be spoon fed their lives by the barbaric restrictions Islam and Imams. Muslims like being restricted. It’s sort of penance they pay to show their purity and devotion to Islam. The Muslims believe they are superior to other Americans, and there religion is superior to all other religions.

In many ways, the Extremist Muslims in America  are really a conspiracy to attack the government, innocent people, and targeted enemies. Similarities between Radical Islam and Organized Crime are:

  • both secretive societies are controlled with an iron fist by top Capos or Imams
  • both have a vow of silence. Islam also adds a vow to lie (taqiyya) to non-Muslims
  • both use extreme violence to terrorize and intimidate their enemies
  • both group memberships follow orders without question (from the Capos and Imams)
  • both have membership based on nepotism, family history, and friendship sponsorship
  • both conspire to plan and attack enemies. Imams in the mosque, Capos in the group’s club
  • both are in constant battle with law enforcement
  • penalties for betrayal of the group is death
  • both groups mostly socialize only within their own group
  • families have had the top control positions for generations
  • both memberships are willing to give their lives for the family or mosque.
  • both have a set of tough behavior restrictions, traditions, and rules for all members
  • have activities which could result in RICO indictments
  • both groups track family history for possible future retaliations

Muslims have no concept of freedom of religion. They don’t understand that freedom of religion means freedom of all religions, even those that are not Islam. Muslims have no concept of freedom of speech. They don’t care what the America law says they want to follow Islamic and Sharia Law. Their religion and their civil government is the same thing, Islam. Islam beliefs include that all non-believers must convert to Islam or die. Other religions are nonsense and Islam is the only religion, must spread as quickly as possible, and Islam will be protected through violence and intimidation. Anything that they consider to be an insult to Islam can mean death or brutal punishments. Muslims feel it is perfectly OK for their members to plan and execute bombings, shootings, WMD attacks, knife attacks, and suicide bombings all for “allahu akbar” (“god is Great”).

Muslims believe in the time honored tradition of “taqiyya”. The action of intentionally lying to non-Muslims about what, when, how, and why of Islam, Muslims, Imams, elders, mosque, terrorism, Islamic Extremists, Sharia Law, Islamic Law, Haj, Mecca, and Medina, So Muslim presence is more like the arrival of a secretive conspiratorial criminal organization working to destroy America and that abuses freedom of religion, freedom of speech, searches and seizure rules, and American criminal justice system and its rules.

America has opened its doors to Muslims and, like Europe, has found an inflexible, dangerous, threatening, uncooperative, anti-American, anti-tolerance, anti-peace, culture that lives and makes decisions through a 7th century view of the world. These people are not our friends, they are our enemies. Thats what they teach in the mosques. America is the Great Satan enemy of Islam, yet they immigrate here to help destroy America. A Muslim that is pro-America, is a bad Muslim, and must be punished for their political views. A Muslim that follows the Koran and listens to Imams is a good Muslim.

My opinion is to locate any Muslim in the country who is not a citizen, or who is in the country illegally, and deport them back from where they came. If they hate America so much, then they should be happy to leave. They are not here to share and enjoy democracy. They are here to destroy American culture, and crush democracy, and replace it with Islamic and Sharia Law. America’s immigration system human rights is not required to allow covert operators into this country to destroy it from the inside. America has a right to say “the actions and attitudes of Islam and Muslims are incompatible with American society and are not welcomed in our country”.

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