Cryptcl: Useful Idiots for Islam

They disrespect and mock America’s liberties as a moral weakness, instead of moral strength.

They found joy and pride in attacking buildings with over 3000 innocent deaths.

It used to be the Communists and the Socialists that created useful idiots that believe Communism and Socialism are not threats to American Democracy. They spew their “Che wannabe” anti-government macho creed declaring I am a radical revolutionary whose going to help the Communists, and attack any Democracy. I am ill-informed, lied to by professors, too arrogant, and yet I know I am smarter than everybody else I meet. Man is better off nanny state regulated on everything, than being allowed to make choices about the life they want to live. Just ignore the poor standards of living, lack of opportunity, and the loss of most freedoms existing in most Communist or Socialist states.

Now these same useful idiots are now singing the praises of Islam. Muslim is a fair society? Unless you are non-muslim, homosexual, a woman, punished with Sharia law, disagree with your Imam, have non-muslim friends, desire more personal freedoms, and think Islam is like going back in time to the 7th century.

Does anybody notice a hint of cult indoctrination in Islam? Don’t socialize, trust, help, or be truthful with infidels. Report on infidels, infidels are the enemy, and memorize the Koran through constant reading and repetition of the Koran suras, obeying the Imam, and doing exactly what you are told to do. See here in America if you are an American based cult, like the Branch Dividians, we send troops and armored vehicles to destroy men, women, and children, burning them to the ground. That’s how we handle American cults. Foreign cults such as Islam are treated with gentile respect and have useful idiots in the MSM and on the left creating from whole cloth narratives of how peaceful and tolerant Islam is and America has nothing to fear.

Foreign cults like Islam are always apologetic and have useful idiots to defend them.  We have useful idiots bending the truth to fit an Islam is good narrative. “I’m sorry I know that jihadists are extremists, but most Muslims mean no harm to anyone”. At least thats what the Muslim groups keep saying. Anybody says something bad about Muslims are obviously islamiphobic. We will stay in denial and pretend the Muslims are not looking for world domination one country at a time. We will pretend that we don’t see them saying one thing, and then doing another. We will pretend we can’t see that Imams are stoking the fires of jihadism around the world, while saying they are not. We will sit and watch as Muslims intentionally ruin our democratic country until finally Americans stand up and say “Wait a minute, the Muslims only care about Islam, Sharia Law, death to infidels, and outlawing all other religions”. They are neither peaceful or tolerant, The Muslim groups are not a social Rotary club. These groups are hardline Muslim religious fanatics. They follow the teachings in their Koran that says it OK to lie, cheat, steal, and kill any infidel for any reason. I now believe there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Either you believe all the Koran or none of the Koran. There is no middle of the road. Good Muslims will kill and die for Islam with a smile on their face.

Just like the terrorists attack New York because its some kind of center to the country, we as non-Muslims will someday have to fight them on their turf. Personally, as the Muslim grip on every country becomes tighter and tighter, the desperation of western countries will become more and more concerned about the Muslim groups benefiting from their social services, yet all the while hating and wanting to kill them. It’s worse in Europe because about 20%-30% of their population are immigrant Muslims who refuse to integrate into European culture. In America it’s about 5%-10%, and Muslims seem to integrate into American culture more easily than Europe. That’s because America really doesn’t have a class based society, it has work ethic based society.

But, no matter, eventually the West will have to preemptively attack Muslims to loosen their grip. I suggest we threaten that Mecca and Medina will be wiped off the face of the Earth unless they make major changes in their Islamic society rules and their behavior toward non-Muslims. The only things they care about is Allah, Mohammad, Mecca, Medina, death, and killing infidels. Muslims love death, more than westerners love life. You can’t threaten death to someone who is aching to die. All you can do is threaten to destroy their religious icons and as many of their fellow Muslims at the same time. Fear of losing their religious icons might help change their behavior.

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