Cryptcl: WH Praises Muslims Before First House Hearing On Muslim Radicalization in America?

Praise is a little premature before the first meeting. This will be the first in a series of congressional hearings, chaired by New York Republican Peter King (next page). The purpose of the hearings is to find ways that the Muslim community can help to weed out home grown extremists and help the U.S. solve the extremist problem.

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Note: liberal MSM is trying to make out that these hearings are un-American just like the McCarthy Communist hearings. It is the communists and Muslims that are un-American.

First: McCarthy was proved to be correct about the level of communists in high U.S. positions. It was verified by the Soviet Union/Russian Veronna documents released in the 1980’s. In other words McCarthy’s concerns were accurate and justified by the evidence.

Second: watch these hearings and listen carefully to the statements by Muslims. They will all lie and say Muslim Radicalism is not a real threat to the U.S. Just more “taqiyya” (intentional deception) by spokesman supporting the Muslim world domination cause.

The interesting dilemma is that without mosque insider information from the Muslim community, the government cannot discern moderates from extremists. In addition, it is a known fact that all mosques elders and Imams have told Muslims not to cooperate with the FBI or law enforcement. Mosque members are told that the U.S. government is the enemy of Islam.

Rep. Peter King (R NY) is right when he says we are not getting enough assistance from Muslims to help with the terrorist problem. It should be noted that no Muslim wants to risk what the extremists will do to him and his family if they find out he helped non-Muslims against Muslims. The article is also correct when it says that mosque members are just too intimidated to help. Unfortunately, this is a war and it is dangerous, and their silence makes it worse. People are dying everyday.

It is time for moderate Muslims to choose a side and put effort into eradicating the extremist Muslim problem. With identification of the extremist conspirators in each mosque we can win this home grown terror problem. We can use RICO statutes to prosecute extremists the same as organized crime. Muslim extremists are organized crime. They are all members of a criminal racketeering and conspiracy. We need help from mosque members, religious elders, and Imams. Without internal mosque help, the U.S. government will be forced into mass Muslim deportations to help solve the problem.

First Rule of Jihad Is: Non-Muslims cannot talk about Jihad:

American Muslim Executive Sentenced for Beheading Wife:

Imams object to the Islam Radicalization Hearings in Washington:

Don’t Talk About Freedom and Tolerance in front of Muslims, It Might Offend Them:

CAIR True Beliefs exposed by Undercover Operation:

Instead of cooperating they sue the FBI:

Muslim Brotherhood has deep roots in US:

How Informants are perceived by Muslims:

Muslims Debate FBI Presence:

Note: One issue that keeps coming up is that are there really moderate Muslims? What is a moderate Muslim? If all Muslims believe the Koran, then the extremists are those that plan and execute attacks against non-believers. But that still means, according to the Koran, moderate Muslims hate and disrespect non-Muslims, consider all non-Muslim women whores, and will not integrate into, or accept America’s non-Muslim community.

Note: as a result of these scheduled meetings about 50 Liberal Progressive groups have signed a letter blasting these hearings as undeserved harassment of people of the Islamic faith. This is more of the “useful idiot” mentality refusing to look at the facts and reality of a situation. The reality is that Muslim extremists are attacking America and Americans. If there are Muslims who do not agree with extremist Muslims now is the time to stand up and be counted.

Fact: The first rule of Jihad is that Muslims don’t talk about Jihad.

Fact: The Koran, Imams, and religious elders in the mosque intentionally build a barrier between Muslims and non-Muslims. The barrier is constructed from constant repetition by the Koran, Imams, and religious elders that a good Muslim does not befriend, trust, associate, or become business partners with non-Muslims. In fact the Koran states that Muslims you should “kill non-believers wherever you find them”.This does not sound like a religion of peace and tolerance.

Fact: home grown Muslim extremists are in the mosques of America and are currently being radicalized to fight jihad against America.

Fact: only Muslims really know what goes on behind the doors of a mosque.

Fact: mosques are secretive and most consider the U.S. government the enemy.

Fact: Islam is a violent and intolerant religion that does not want to integrate into America’s non-Muslim community.

Fact: jihadists are present in all mosques in America.

Fact: groups like Muslim Brotherhood present tolerance and peace to the western English community, while at the same time using inflammatory Islamic rhetoric to stoke the fires of jihadists in the Farci eastern community.

Fact: Most Muslims do not come to America to become Americans, they come to America to convert America to an Islamic society and Sharia Law. The majority of other ethnic immigrants  arrive on American shores wanting to be American with all the freedoms that U.S. citizenship includes. They keep most of their ethnic cultures and traditions, but there allegiance, loyalty, and “home” country is now America and they consider themselves to be American. This country loyalty conversion does not happen in the Muslim community. Muslims are first and foremost loyal to Islam before their country loyalty. Also the majority of Muslims, Imams, and mosque religious elders consider America to be the Great Satan and the enemy of Islam. Muslims want America to convert to Islam and Sharia Law, instead of Muslims converting to be Americans. A radicalized Muslim is one who takes violent action against America and its citizens in the name of and loyalty to Islam. A radicalized Muslim is one who believes the long term goal is for Islam to dominate the world one country at a time.

Fact: some useful idiots believe that Muslims are being treated unfairly because they are Muslims. They claim that Christians should be investigated the same as Muslims. They claim Christians commit violent crimes and no one blames their religion. They are absolutely correct. The difference is that Muslims use violent attacks to spread Islam, and to fight the enemies of Islam. Their violence is performed as part of their Islamic religious devotions and beliefs. Their violence is encouraged and supported by the mosque elders and Imams.

Fact: Christians in the vast majority of cases perform violence that is not driven by their religious belief. The only exception would be violence driven by the pro-life extremists. These attacks on late-term abortion doctors are religiously motivated. There have been about 3 pro-life extremist attackers in the last decade.

Fact: there is a large demonstration occurring outside the buildings where the hearings are going on. The demonstrators are either “useful idiots”, intentional Muslim deceptive as part of “taqiyya, or they are just plain stupid and do not realize how dangerous are home grown attacks by Muslim extremists from mosques in America. The mosques, Imams, and elders hide what they do and say and claim freedom of speech and freedom of religion rights in America. Freedom of religion and speech does not mean you can train, prepare, and send Muslims out to do suicide attacks. In many aspects the Islamic faith, its laws, beliefs, and management structures are more akin to deserving charges of RICO violations. They conspire to train attackers and then send those murderers out to perform their violence in the name of their religious beliefs and the respected religious Imams that send them out.

So there is no reason to believe the actions of these hearings are unfair. The hearings are needed to try and get the help of the Muslim community to identify and get rid of Muslim jihadists and Muslim extremists that will attack America.

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