Cryptcl: What Do Muslims Really Say and Really Believe?

These are some well known radical Imams, there are hundreds more. Just search the internet.

Just like Neville Chamberlain before WWII, America is asking questions of Imams and being told America has nothing to worry from this peaceful religion known as Islam. Chamberlain believed what Hitler told him and even brought back a signed peace agreement. Hitler’s promises and words were exactly what Chamberlain wanted to hear, and they were all lies. Imams are now giving the words and promises that every American wants to hear. Unfortunately, these too are all lies. There is only one goal of Islam, dominate the world, and they will kill, maim, lie, cheat, steal, and deceive to make it happen. You cannot believe a word Muslims say to non-Muslims as they are instructed to lie by their mosques.

Whats the best way to understand what Muslims believe? They believe every word written in the  Koran, because the Koran are the words of Allah, spoken by the Archangel Gabriel, to Mohammad. They believe all the Koran. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking Muslims are allowed to believe just some of the Koran. They must believe the entire Koran. They are not allowed to pick and choose which suras they believe and support. They believe and support all the suras in the Koran.

So if you want to know what they believe you must read the Koran. The Koran is composed of suras. Small snippets of text discussing an Islamic issue. Wait till you read how much they hate us. By the way, there is an old Muslim trick that if a non-Muslim discusses a certain sura with a Muslim and the Muslim believes that sura makes the non-Muslim angry, upset, or fearful about Islam, they will say “oh disregard that is not the correct translation” or “the translations completely wrong the opposite is actually true”, or they’ll say “you must have a Koran version translated by westerners to make Islam look bad. Your Koran is intentionally translated inaccurately”. Useful Idiots say “Oh I see, I’ll just ignore that text”. Which is just what the Muslim wants them to do.

CNN, Newsweek, Time, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNBC, NYT, PBS, NEA, NPR, Huffington Post, Media Matters,, and the rest of MSM Liberal Progressive outlets only show pro-Islam and anti-American biased stories. Their news, op-ed, drama shows, comedy shows, commercials, and documentaries display an anti-Tea Party, anti-conservative, anti-Christian, and anti-American biased agenda.

It becomes very easy to detect these “useful idiot” networks. When something bad happens in the world they immediately blame America first. When ever any negative comments are made about Islam, they create stories to defend Islam, and attack those who said the “negative” comment. You cannot trust any of these media outlets. They are “useful idiots” and are too dumb to realize it. When a Muslim says something peaceful or tolerant to them they believe it. They forget that it doesn’t matter what a Muslim says. They’ll say exactly what you want to hear to relieve your fears of Islam. It’s meaningless “taqiyya” deception. It only matters what a Muslim does.

America is a naive and trusting culture with Free Speech, etc. Americans assume the best about everyone. With Muslims you better always assume the worst. In the west, there are many people who do not believe that “evil” exists. The Ayatollah, Imams, mosque religious leaders, and mosque believers are a bunch of really “evil”, nasty, mean, violent, intolerant, lying, arrogant, cruel, brutal, barbaric, self-serving RICO co-conspirators operating under the banner of Islam’s religious freedom. They will exploit the liberties and freedoms of America, in order to eliminate those very freedoms using the intolerant, violent, and deceptive practices of a government and religious framework known as Islam.

The blind sheik was the planner of the WTC ’93 bombing.

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