Cryptcl: What Is And Isn’t The Tea Party

Following the Nov. 2nd election that thumped democrats within an inch of their lies, oops I mean their lives. It is the responsibility of the MSM to explain the results in the most positive manner for the Democrat losers, and the most negative way for the GOP winners. They need a way to spin the story away from the obvious conclusion that a real grass-roots movement, the Tea Party,  has significantly demonstrated that the Democrats and their policies are far out of touch with the American people. There are a number of ways the progressive spinners are trying to grasp a victory from the ashes of the worst defeat by the Democrats in about 62 years.

The MSM is now trying to scare the American public about who are members of the Tea Party. One article accuses the Tea Party of being a redneck mob of cretins who actively participate in anti-American militias, prefer violence to democratic voting, are dying to fire their guns at someone (anyone), and are just a bunch of lunatic Tim MacVeigh wanna-be’s. They’re gun totin’ anti-government religious right radical extremists who are going to bring this country back to the 1800’s and destroy all the wonderful progressive legislation that has made today’s American regulated, taxed, and controlled far more than the original framers had intended. Through the misuse of judicial, legislative, and executive powers the 40 years of democratic control has produced a fiscal and liberty crisis in this country of epic proportions.

What the Tea Party Isn’t
The liberal progressive media attacks to discredit GOP, discredit Tea Party members, discredit female Tea Party candidates, and mock conservative Americans at any chance they get. Their simpleton approach is to call the Tea Party names without any evidence to prove their insults. On any regular MSM news day the GOP Tea members are called religious extremists, conservative women are not “real” women, conservative blacks are not “real” blacks, conservative hispanics are not “real” hispanics, racist, homophobic, islamaphobic, stupid, illiterate, radical, violent, militias members, unsophisticated, Tim MacVeigh wanna-be’s, unable to grasp the complexity of the Democrats policies, and of course wingnuts.

By the way, Tim McVeigh was not a member of any militia, was a stated atheist who believed “science was my religion”, and was not a member of any political movement. He was a lone wolf who acted against the socialist direction the government was taking, was denied membership in a militia, had lots of personal frustrations, extreme political opinions, and decided one day to take it out on innocent people. The proper term to describe him is “domestic terrorist”.

What the Tea Party Is
Tea Party members are mostly mature or senior or family Americans that have worked their whole lives, paid their taxes, and paid into social security. They are of all races, and all sexual orientations, and many religions. They usually are non-union and non-govermental workers. The other question on the lips of trembling democrats is “What do the Tea Partiers Want ?” “We don’t understand…we don’t know what they want ?”. Here is a list of some of the tea party’s hopes. The Tea Party is open to suggestions on how to accomplish these goals. Currently the “old GOP leadership” and the new Tea Party are working on compromises that will hopefully bring both these groups together in one vibrant engaged unified Republican Party. The Tea Party does not claim to have all the answers to everything. What the Tea Party claims is that they are willing to start down a different path and try to resolve all these issues. The major issues are:

  • Job, Jobs, Jobs. Anything, reduce taxes, encourage investment, reduce regulations, and anything that can create jobs.
  • Repeal of Obamacare. Obamacare is a 2700 page monstrosity that makes health care problems worse, not better. Replace with health care improvements that make sense. Like interstate competition between insurance providers. Like reduction in Medicare/Medicaid fraud.
  • Start to Fix Social Security. Start small changes implemented over time that will return social security to a self-sustaining fiscally responsible operation. Too many Americans rely on social security to just let the ponzi scheme collapse. The American people deserve better than that. Individual retirement accounts could be the answer, but so far I do not support any changes until I hear all the possibilities.
  • Government Employee Benefit Alignment. Align governmental wages and benefits to be comparable with private business. As it stands right now an across the board reduction of all government salaries by 15% should be done. ACROSS ALL JOBS IN NATIONAL AND STATE GOVERNMENT. Similar reductions should happen in pension benefits, a reduction of about 15% in benefits. If these reductions raise anger in the government tell the employee “Hey you got a choice, be reduced in salary and benefits by 15%, or be fired….your choice”.
  • Employment and access opportunities should not be based on race or sexual orientation. All races should have an equal chance based on skill and work ethic. If there are some who still support Affirmative Action, then apply it to all business evenly including basketball, football, baseball, and soccer. All business and government agencies must openly welcome black, white, asian, hispanic, etc. Any discrimination on race should be charged as a crime. Employment opportunities should also not be determined by sexual orientation. There should be equal opportunity for all sexual orientations.
  • After 50 million aborted babies it’s time to try something new. Maybe encourage births, make abortions harder to get, help improve foster care and adoption. Additional help to the mother during and after the pregnancy. There are thousands of adoptive parents who go to other countries because it is too difficult to adopt in America. We need to reduce teen pregnancy…I am open to any suggestions. The Abortion Culture must  be replaced with a love of all life. Even down syndrome children have a right to live. Any question whether abortion is as horrible as some conservatives say ? Do a Google/Yahoo/Bing search of abortion images. Be forewarned that some of these images are horrible. Yes, horrible, but they show the true gruesome face of abortion. Did you know that a failed abortion….one where the baby is born alive…provides no medical aid to the baby, and the baby is left to die. These gruesome pictures are what the inside of an abortion clinic looks like.
  • Seal all borders to America (North and South). No discussion of immigration reform can occur while thousands illegally cross the border everyday. Complete closure to any entry except through authorized border checkpoints. Once the borders are sealed we can then try and find out who has entered our country illegally and try to figure out what to do with them. Any illegal immigrant charged or convicted of a crime, should be immediately deported to country of origin. The definition of citizenship needs to change where “anchor” babies are involved. Illegal immigrants, breaking our laws, should not be rewarded by having their baby born here instantly become a citizen. You should not be able to benefit from your crimes. The original Constitution was not intended to allow criminals to benefit from their crimes. The sealing of the borders also includes the elimination of so-called sanctuary cities. Immigration and border security rules, regulations, and practices must be the same in all states, otherwise we are just moving illegals from one city to another. It is the federal government that should enforce it’s own immigration laws, just like every other country in the world (including Mexico). States like Arizona should not be forced to handle immigration themselves because the federal government refuses to enforce it’s laws.
  • Remove all RINOS from the ranks of the GOP and Tea Party. RINOS (Republicans in name only) like Olympia Snowe, Lisa Murkowski, Jim Inhofe, Thad Cochran, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Susan Collins are major reasons that Obamacare passed in congress. The GOP and Tea Party policies should be formed as one set of policies to reflect a new GOP with conservative social views, conservative fiscal views, and general conservative policies of smaller/cheaper government, less regulation, and less taxes. Tea Party voters will make sure the encumbant RINOS will be gone with the wind in the next election. The republican party is shifting to the right, not the middle. Accept it and join the movement to improve America.
  • Start the changes needed to reduce the deficit. Only once all the issues above have started to be implemented, only then can we start to look at how to bring down the deficit. Get out of auto, insurance, and banking businesses. Reduce foreign aid. Instead of trying to buy our enemies lets reward only our true allies and save the other monies for our deficit reduction. Stop spending and stop borrowing in the name of the American people. The American people don’t want it. I suggest spinning off the U.S. Postal service as a standalone private sector business. Reign in the departments that really do little but cost so much. Cut all funding to NPR, NEA, and PBS. Look throughout government for redundancies in departments and responsibilities and reduce them to a single responsibly focused department. There are lots of agencies in the government complex that if they disappeared, they would not be missed. Each agency must be graded on the value it produces for the American people, the everyday tax-payer should not be paying the bills for useless agencies. Find ways to cut the defense budget. I am certain that not all military agencies are beyond finance reductions.
  • Add an amendment to the Constitution that prohibits the judicial branch, all judges, and all legal legislation from using precedence from Sharia Law or from foreign nations not governed by our Constitution.  That means from no foreign nations and from no Sharia Law can our judges use their precedence in their decisions. Their laws were not determined under our constitution and therefore are not based on the same freedoms we have.
  • Hey Progressive Slobs Please Clean up after yourselves during demonstrations. The progressive liberals are a bunch of slobs, as the aftermath of their conventions prove. Tea Party participants cleaned the grounds better than when they got there. Wow, personal responsibility, what a concept, and no cost to government for the cleanup. Excellent.

This list is just a starting point for the Tea Party and GOP members. There is plenty more that needs to be done.

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