Cryptcl: Where Are The Moderates?

The question most people have, that I know at least, is when will the moderate majority of the Islam faith stand up for non-believers and themselves. The extremists/terrorists of Islam have received all the media and people’s attention, while the majority of muslims that are moderate have been silent. The Islamic faith is being reduced to a cult group of glassy-eyed lunatics, a ferocious band of maniacs determined to kill infidels as well as themselves in their support and spreading of Islam faith. There are issues that moderate muslims need to address soon, or they will be painted with the same brush as the extremist terrorist muslim permanently.

One issue is standing up to extremist muslims. Whenever an extremist threatens and tries to intimidate non-believers or commits an act of terror, moderates must stand up and denounce those threats, and acts as unsupported by the majority of moderate muslims. The moderate muslims must stand with the threatened non-believers in unity to clarify where the majority of muslims stand in this muslim initiated conflict. Now I am assuming that moderate muslims have the same reservations we infidels have. Simply put, anyone that stands up to these extremists becomes a target. If no one ever stands up to the radicals, then the radicals have already won through intimidation. No one ever said this was going to be easy.

Iraq is a perfect illustration how the extremists have taken control of the anti-Western issue. During the Iraq war, before the surge altered the dynamics, radical muslims were blowing up hundreds and thousands of moderate muslims and Shi’ite muslims including men, women, and children. One particular barbaric act was the intentional killing of 25 children who were standing with an American soldier who everyday would pass out candy at the same location. The radical muslims were mostly Saddam supporting Sunni muslims, but there also were some radical anti-West Shi’ite terrorists. It was muslims killing muslims. In most cases, it was the Shi’ite muslims and moderate muslims that were dying by the hundreds at the hands of the radicals.

Yet in each mosque the moderates outnumbered the radicals. If properly organized, moderates in every mosque could easily identify the radicals within, and determine the actions to prevent their radical acts of destruction. Most muslims in each mosque, whether Shi’ite or Sunni mosque, knows the clique of most violent radicals, and which Imams are calling on radical believers to commit violence. The majority needs to stand up and be counted, and use their numbers to say “enough is enough”. But so far that has not happened in Iraq and it has not happened in American or European mosques. All Imams are not infallible representatives and intepreters of Allah and Mohammad. Some Imams are violent radicals that are actual destroying Islam.

Another thing that moderate muslims could do is identify the radicals within each mosque secretly. The local authorities can take action if they know who to take action against. Planning and talking about terrorist attacks is a terrorist conspiracy under the law, and the moderate muslims should be able to provide information anonymously. It’s about time the moderates started weeding out the bad apples, before they ruin the whole muslim barrel. Find some way to tell the authorities who the dangerous extremists are and where we can find them. Until this happens no progress toward coexistence of Islam and infidels can really occur.

The remaining major issue is that by definition a muslim believes what is in the Qu’ran and what the Imams say. At some point some radical, violent, hate speech statements in the Qu’ran and by Imams must be exposed as not supported by the moderate muslim view of the world. I have read the Qu’ran and I was shocked at the amount of hate speech against jews and infidels. The Qu’ran and the Imams are teaching violent intolerance toward infidels. In fact advocating war, segregation, discrimination, violence against other religions. The Qu’ran openly comands its followers to kill, lie, cheat, avoid, and deceive infidels. The Qu’ran does not support religious coexistence in any form. Maybe this was required and true in Mohammad’s time, but it’s not appropriate in modern times. As long as that hate speech is supported there will be open war between Islam and the infidels in this world. Something has to be done to classify some suras as applicable to Mohammad’s time, but inappropriate in the modern age of multiculturalism, coexistence, and everyone’s preference to live in peace and avoid violence.

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