Cryptcl: White House Applauds CAIR?

CAIR is the westernized propaganda wing of HAMAS and The Muslim Brotherhood. It’s job is to relieve the fears of the west about the intentions, the beliefs, the goals, and relationship with the non-Muslim community. According to CAIR, Muslims around the world are non-violent, non-jihadist, don’t hate non-believers, are not a threat to women, and are not trying to gain political clout in Europe and America by increasing their populations as fast as possible.

This White House has it’s head in the sand, and refuses to believe that Islam has vowed destruction of everything non-Muslim. The cult of Islam goal is to dominate the world by any means necessary. It does not matter what they say. It only matters what they do. CAIR says they are there to help correct misconceptions of the west about Islam. There are no misconceptions to correct. The west has seen the violent, anti non-Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-Judea,  and the lack of freedoms, liberties, choices, free speech, freedom of religion, right of peaceful assembly, right to remain silent, right to an attorney,  right to a fair trial, right to associate with non-Muslims, and the lack of right to freely express yourself.

Islam, and CAIR knows very well that Islam is a barbaric, violent, 7th century, genocidal, and tyrannical cult. The actions of Imams and religious leaders literally sucks the life out of people until they are incapable of thinking for themselves. Don’t believe me? Just look at Sharia Law and realize that this is the social or civil component of Islam. In Sharia you can kill anyone you want provided you present a believable Islamic reason to the Imams. It’s accuse and carry out the penalty determined by an Imam. Judge and jury are not needed. A defense for the individual has no meaning. The accusation assumes guilt because a good Muslim would never falsely accuse anyone of anything. Just ask Salmon Rashdie and that dutch cartoonist who drew Mohammad, and Lara Logan. The religion of peace and tolerance supports Imams to calling for death of individuals, much the same way as any organized crime family. The cult of Islam is in fact organized crime with beards, a crochet taqiyah, and salwar kameez.

Example: CAIR and other Islamic propaganda machines are constantly saying that Islam does not mistreat women and women have nothing to fear from Islam. Tell that to Lara Logan who was a reporter for CBS covering the Egypt uprising in Tahrir Square. After Mubarak announced he would be stepping down, their was celebration and rejoice in the Muslim street. Part of this celebration included about 200 celebrating Muslims to strip, rape, sexually abuse, and beat Lara Logan with flagpoles for about 30 minutes until a group of Muslim women and 20 Egyptian soldiers spirited her away. These were happy Muslims celebrating by attacking a non-Muslim woman. Muslims consider all non-Muslim women to be whores and they have zero respect for them. This atrocity is the true face of Islam toward non-Muslim women. It should be noted that nobody has been charged with a crime against Lara Logan. They don’t care she is just a non-Muslim whore to them. Think what would happen if 200 American men attacked a Muslim woman in the same way.

While CAIR and others SAY Muslims have respect for non-Muslims, Muslims on the street SHOW their true violence and hatred of non-Muslim women. You cannot believe what they say. You can only watch what they do to get the true face of the Islam cult.

DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING CAIR OR THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD SAYS. Their purpose is to lie and disseminate  Islamic propaganda. By the way, it is interesting that CAIR representatives tend to be women. Chosen intentionally to convince all that women are satisfied with their lives, and because people tend to be more trusting of female individuals when they say Islam is not anti-women.

The selection of female representatives is intentional by CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood. Just another part of the “taqiyya” deception. Just look at their attitude about searches of Muslim women by the TSA. It’s OK for TSA to touch a non-Muslim woman anywhere. It is only OK  for TSA to examine a Muslim womans head. See image on left.

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