Cryptcl: Why Are Americans Hated?

Often the global community speaks and acts like it hates Americans, and most in the global community do in fact “hate” Americans. This makes no sense. How can a country that has contributed the most in foreign aid, the most in military aid, and the most in disaster relief, be hated?  What has America done to be hated?

America Helps Countries: The country that liberated the Philippines, tried to protect South Vietnam from communism, protected South Korea from communism, saved Western Europe from itself in two world wars, beat the Germans and Japanese in WWII, only country in the history of world to fight and win two major wars on two fronts against two formidable war machines simultaneously, helped the Chinese fight the Japanese in Nan King, kicked Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, is trying to liberate and democratize Iraq and Afghanistan, and tried to help the global community by creating the United Nations. It assists Mexico, South American countries, and African countries. America was the country that helped prevent a nuclear war by assuring the stalemate guaranteed by mutual destruction. There were less wars, less violent conflicts, less deaths, less wounded, and less bloodshed in the years 1945 to 2000 than any other 50 year period in world history. to be on their best behavior. We have the U.N. to improve global communication, and we have foreign aid of $billions and $billions to help struggling countries. The surprising reason? With nuclear weapons most countries decided it in their best interest to behave.

American is Prosperous: any individual has the opportunity to become successful in our American capitalist system. America has no real class system, at least not one as inflexible as the European “hidden” monarchy class system. Any individual can be prosperous, and lots of individuals are prosperous. Citizens are prosperous and the country as a whole is prosperous. More patents, vaccines, and discoveries have happened in America than any other nation. America invented and then shared the internet and micro-electronics to revolutionize the world. Anyone at anytime can speak to anyone anywhere in the world. Pretty amazing improvement to global communication.

America is Optimistic: The majority of Americans are hardworking citizens who accept the added responsibilities of having so much freedom. They are generally optimistic about their country, working conditions, and the future. The optimism in America never will occur in Europe because Europe clings to its tribal histories, and is always looking back to gain some glimpse of their nation’s cultural highwater mark society, that really never existed. Americans by nature always look optimistically to the future. Europe has always been and will always be controlled by ancient monarchies and invisible power structures. Europe will always be looking to the past for answers. Americans look to the future and themselves for answers. Even through tough times Americans remain optimistic. Europe in tough times is negative cynicism, the blame game,  and incessant whining and complaining about “what can’t be done”. America’s optimism is always about “what can be done”. Some call America naive to be this optimistic. Look at the growth, power, global reach of America that was born out of a small colony 300 years ago. America’s growth and importance has eclipse every country in the world for the history of the world. So as far as optimistic track record just look at the what America has accomplished compared to some nations that have been around for thousands of years. America exceeds all other’s accomplishments.

America Contradicts Religious Beliefs: the main portion of hatred toward America is from the global Muslim community. We are hated for helping Israel and opposing Palestinian groups. But the hatred goes much farther than our international policies. America’s culture, freedoms, homosexuality, Women’s rights, reality TV, and judicial system are 100% incompatible in terms of contradictions and differences. Muslim Islamic Sharia Law has no place in America. It is a step back to the 7th century. Islam, Muslims, and Sharia Law all look to the past for confirmation. America never looks to the past for confirmation. Adopting Sharia Law would mean that all existing America’s judicial history would have to discarded. That will never happen in America. To understand the Muslim mind-set lets look at a banner recently displayed at a Muslim protest. “Islam Will Dominate The World. Freedom can go to Hell”.  Freedom is meaningless and unwanted to Muslims. They want to be absorbed by Islam, and then have the Islamic laws make the choices for the individual for the rest of their lives.

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