Cryptcl: Wikileaks is an Enemy of the U.S.

It is absolutely amazing that Wikileaks continues with it’s illegal distribution of highly sensitive, embarrassing, candid, and stolen U.S. Government documents between America and other countries. This is without a doubt the most serious case of classified data theft in recent decades. The actions taken should be as follows:

  • All individuals that were involved in the acquisition, transporting, creating online access, distributing the files, publishing the files, and analyzing their content should be charged with Treason against the United States of America. They all knew what they were doing was illegal. They did it anyway.
  • Wikileaks should be shutdown or muted with extensive cyber attacks by the U.S. Government. It should be classified as Terrorist Organization bent on the destruction of the U.S. Government.
  • Founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and it’s employee’s were/are all aware of the illegal acquisition and sensitive nature of the documents released. Their potential harm to the diplomatic core and the U.S. Government is extensive.  All involved should be given the maximum charge of Treason and when convicted should receive the maximum sentences allowable. These individuals should be made examples of the consequences of stealing classified data and it’s distribution.
  • Secondary media outlets obtaining the stolen documents from Wikileaks, including the NYT, should be charged as accessories since they are knowingly obtaining, using, and distributing illegal stolen documents. No journalist can claim freedom of the press when illegally obtaining and using known stolen documents.
  • How this fault happened in the security of the U.S. Government must be addressed and prevented in the future. All government departments with any involvement in this catastrophic blunder must identify all personal that could be potentially involved, complete an investigation, and secure all data from this point on. On completion of investigation(s) appropriate penalties must be imposed to deter others in  the future. If nobody is convicted of Treason, then they will just keep doing it again and again.
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