Ctyptcl: Since Obama Ruled the World !

“Barack’s arrogant Mussolini IL Duce pose just isn’t working anymore”

Barbara Walters said that Sarah Palin is uninformed and would be scary as president. Uninformed and scary? Has Babara looked at who the liberal progressives elected in 2008 to run our Congress and to be the POTUS.
Talk about scary ? Talk about uninformed ?

  •  Obama is not ready for the toughest executive position in the world
  •  Obama is bringing a “community organizer” world view to the office
  • Obama attended an extremist black liberation theology church for 20 years and tries to say that did not influence his opinions.
  • Never had an executive position anywhere.
  • Never ran a business.
  • Never practiced law, preferred to teach instead.
  • Never was responsible for hiring or firing.
  • Never commanded a major salary.
  • Almost always voted “present” in his state senate position.
  • Never ran a political campaign.
  • Never accomplished anything requiring long term personal effort. Until be became president he was an unknown commodity. Well America now knows the commodity and they are fed up with Obama, the Democrats, the liberal progressives, and MSM who only had praise for Obama during the election. Only positive praise and never any negative issues were raised by the MSM
  • Obama as president is absolutely laughable, nauseating, and scaring everybody as he destroys our country.
  • He is without a doubt the most unprepared and incompetent president America has ever had.
  • He was wrong on stimulus.
  • He was wrong on bailouts.
  • He was wrong on Obamacare.
  • He was wrong in virtually every academic he appointed to key administration and Czar positions that they could not handle.
  • He was wrong about Iran.
  • He was wrong about North Korea.
  • He insulted America and Americans during his “apology”  tours.
  • He was wrong in his shoddy treatment of Israel.
  • He was wrong about creating employment with the stimulus bill.
  • He was wrong when he chose “gafftastic Bozo the VP” Joe Biden.
  • He was wrong when he appointed “admitted communists” to administration positions.
  • He was wrong about Iraq and Afghanistan (we are still there).
  • In virtually every decision he has made since elected it was the wrong decision according to the majority of Americans.
  • He was wrong for not closing the borders.
  • He was wrong to prevent Arizona from enforcing federal and state immigration laws to protect itself.
  • He was wrong when he said DC police acted stupidly.
  • He was wrong to have the stupid beer summit.
  • He was wrong to appear on the Daily Show and Mythbusters. He cheapened the presidency by appearing. What’s he going to do next ? Have a garage sale at the Whitehouse?
  • He was wrong to allow a christmas ornament picturing Mao Tse Tung on the Whitehouse christmas tree.
  • He was wrong not to take a pro-American majority stance on the Ground Zero Mosque. No one should be allowed to have a scenic mosque gloating view of a tragedy their own religion created. Their are a lot of very angry people when it comes to the GZM.
  • He has broken every campaign promise he made during the election.
  • He was wrong when he did nothing about WikiLeaks the first time they distributed confidential documents.
  • His speeches have gone from uplifting and optimistic “pie in the sky”, to bitter, angry, self-fulfilling prophecies, and argumentative with both Democrats and Republicans.
  • He has enraged and offended every major voting block in the country. The Democrats now hate him. The Republicans always hated him. The independents now hate him. The libertarians hate him. The Tea Party hates him. Foreign leaders consider him an ignorant fool.
  • He wasted America’s money by becoming owners in GM and Chrysler.
  • He wasted money on banks, insurance, and investment firms.
  • He has spent more money than all presidents from George Washington to Ronald Reagan combined. The amount of money that has been spent is crippling our government and will destroy our government unless something is done immediately. No time to wait. The 111th Congress has created more debt than the first 100 Congresses combined.
  • He has insulted the British by returning a bust of Winston Churchill.
  • He was wrong about closing Gitmo, where 25% rate of those released turn back to terrorism.
  • He was wrong when he didn’t try to prevent the release of the Lockerbee bomber.
  • He was wrong about trying terrorists in non-military civilian courts. The first attempt found that a man charged with 280 counts was only found guilty on one because of the civilian rules of evidence.
  • He was wrong to appoint Holder as Attorney General.
  • He was wrong to appoint Napolitano as DHS director.
  • He was wrong to appoint Tim Geithner as his primary economic advisor or whatever he is.
  • He was wrong thinking there are 57 states.
  • He was wrong for reporting to the UN that Arizona is violating human rights, as not a single case of documented human rights violation has been reported in Arizona.
  • He was wrong when he said “Americans cling to their guns and god, and are uninterested in accepting individuals that are different from themselves”.
  • He was wrong when he called the American electorate “scared unclear thinkers”.
  • He was wrong when he intentionally and publicly, during the State of the Union, verbally attacked the U.S. Supreme Court trying to humiliate and embarrass them because he disagreed with a decision. As usual, Obama is wrong about the perceived influence of foreign money in U.S. elections that is related to the Supreme Court decision.
  • He was wrong to push Obamacare through the Congress before anyone had time to read it.
  • Everything he said about Obamacare was a lie. Health insurance won’t be cheaper, you can’t keep your doctor, there are death panels, there will be rationing, your insurance carrier will change, and he is now granting waivers to over 220 businesses and organizations that believe Obama care will financially wreck them and their employees.
  • He lied when he said all legislation will be available online to Americans at least 5 days before any vote is scheduled.
  • He lied when he said he was a religious man and then never attended church regularly while president.
  • He was unprepared politically, intellectually, socially, militarily, financially, economically, and educationally.
  • He was wrong when he consistently has come out supporting Islam and muslim positions over the majority of the American people concerns.
  • He was wrong to say that America is not a Christian country. There still is a majority of Christians Mr. President.
  • He was wrong to bow to everyone he meets on his “apology tours”.
  • He was wrong to pander to unions instead of regular working Americans.
  • He was wrong to have Andy Steyn, president of SEIU, visit the Whitehouse over 30 times. Once or twice is a visit, thirty times is a conspiracy with the unions.
  • He was wrong to be associated with ACORN.
  • He was wrong to pander to illegal aliens simply because he wants to buy their votes for the democratic party, instead of doing what’s right for America.
  • He is unable to give a coherent speech without the “training wheels” of the teleprompter. When he visits 2nd graders in their classroom he brings the teleprompter.
  • He is arrogant.
  • He is a narcissist.
  • He is a precocious childlike figure.
  • He isn’t smart enough to know what he doesn’t know, and get help.
  • He has surrounded himself with “Chicago Thug” political advisors and academics, and now that the administration is crumbling, they all are abandoning him, showing their lack of ethics, and deciding the most important thing is their own self interests. These thug and academic  advisors have given him nothing but bad advice.
  • And to top it all off, Obama has now brought in a “relieve pitcher” (Bill Clinton), because Obama blew the game as the “starting pitcher”. Kind of like a ventriloquist entertaining with his dummy, except no one can tell which one is the dummy.
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