Global Warming: Prove It or Shut Up

Once and for all, I demand that supporters of Anthropomorphic Global Warming, PROVE IT OR SHUT UP. So far there are disagreements between scientific organizations, UN organizations (IPCC), national weather organizations, and scientists around the globe. There are discrepancies in data collection, differences in opinions on how to measure global temperature changes, and contradictory statements between supporter scientists and skeptic scientists. There are so many inconsistencies that they are too numerous to list. But the result is that layman like myself are now extremely skeptical of everything scientists say. Lets review and discuss some of the major issues associated with Global Warming.

  • Climate Gate: the results of “Climate Gate” has forever brought into question the scientific methods and the financial reasons of the Global Warming supporters, as well as their scientific credibility. Simulation software accuracy, data collection conditions, data analysis of those temperatures and simulations, and numerous unsubstantiated claims by supporters have caused alarm and disbelief of all these processes. There is little, if any, confidence in the data, the simulations, and the conclusions. Everyone keeps asking them to show them the proof of their conclusions, but instead they present a synopsis of conclusions without any visibility into how they obtained and used the data to make those conclusions. Access to their “top secret” data, methods, simulators, sources of financial support, and final conclusions is required for verification. Simulators are just simple FORTRAN number crunching programs, written by programmers that control the results with “fudge factors” that are slanted to produce the results they want. When a layman like myself requests proof, I mean present all your tools, data, conclusions, financial sources, and methods for a scientific peer review. The results of that peer review will be to verify or dismiss your conclusion and your results. Until all that information is provided your conclusions will be considered suspect, and your methods faulty.
  • Temperature Trends: the determination of whether the global temperature is rising, falling, or about the same and what causes the direction changes, is the question that everyone wants to know but nobody can answer. Scientists use mathematical formulas and software simulations to produce some of these direction numbers. Although scientists won’t admit it, any suggestion that their estimates are accurate is simply wishful thinking and one seeing what one wants to see. If their software simulations are accurate then why haven’t they predicted the harsh winters over the last two years. These guys claim accurate prediction for decades out, but cannot provide accurate predictions for 1 and 2 years in the future ? In fact in a 2007 IPCC document, their conclusion was warmer winters and less snow.
  • Address Proven Results: only once we have proven results that unequivocally verifies the temperature trends and what causes them, then we can discuss what steps need to be taken to prevent/reduce the impacts of Global Warming. But no legislation, no regulation, no UN mandatory treaties, and no creation of money making schemes using Carbon Footprints should be done until we have identified the validity of Global Warming and what causes it.
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