Cryptcl: Muslims Building Bridges

During the last few months there are endless discussions and arguments about the pros and cons of the Ground Zero Mosque (GZM). Maybe we should step back a little and look at the real agendas of both sides. Immam Rauf has warned of (threatened) violent muslim reprisals if GZM is moved or canceled. Immam Rauf has stated the this mosque is an attempt by muslims to “build bridges” with the American people, an exercise in American freedom of religion, and implementation of the “Cordoba Initiative”. The key concepts here are “building bridges” and “Cordoba Initiative”. It is rather shocking what these terms really mean to Immam Rauf and muslims. During years of speeches Imam Rauf has actually explicitly defined these terms.

“Building Bridges” is not a two way street as most assume. Immam Rauf has stated explicity that this is a bridge from the non-muslim American population to the Islamic community. It represents non-muslims converting to Islam. There is no movement from Islam to the American culture or muslim to non-muslim. In other words they want to facilitate the Islamification of Americans. So “building bridges” has nothing to do with bilateral cooperation or reaching out between muslim and non-muslim. It only defines Islamic efforts to convert non-muslims to muslims.References to the “Cordoba Initiative” can be identified in muslim history. Specifically in the 7th century when the Islamic Caliphate was at the pinnacle of it’s power. In this period Spain was under the complete control of Islam. The largest church in Spain was called the “Cordoba” church. The ruling muslims decided to demonstrate their power and control in Spain by converting the “Codoba” church to the “Cordoba” mosque. An example of their power and superiority over Spainish non-muslims. It represents an insulting and pompous gloating of the ruling muslims in the face of the defeated Spanish. It is rubbing salt in the wound of Spanish defeat. So the use of the name “Cordoba Initiative” clearly indicates the true meaning of the GZM. It conclusively defines the purpose of building the mosque at that location. It’s proving to the rest of the muslim world how powerful Islam has become in the west, and how weak and stupid the non-muslim west has become. We can attack, destroy lives, and collapse buildings in New York, and yet we can build a mosque at the same place where thousands died, and we can view our triumph over the west during prayer in our own mosque. This is not acknowledging the liberty of freedom of religion in America, but rather demonstrating Islamic power and influence in America. The muslim community can stand proud and overlook the site of 9/11 atrocity and relish in their triumph in America. The fact that some Americans want to allow this mosque will demonstrate to the Islamic world just how weak the non-muslim west really is. This would be the greatest Islamic recruitment tool ever. That’s why they want it as close to ground zero as possible. It symbolizes their triumph over their non-muslim enemies in America.

The agenda of 30% of New Yorkers wanting to allow the building of the mosque, is to show the world that even after the tragedy caused by Islamic extremists on 9/11, America still believes in religious freedom for all. A wonderful sentiment but completely wrong in the perceptions of the muslim community. The muslim community, similar to the growth of communism in around the world, only view these non-muslim mosque supporters as “useful idiots”. They are giving us exactly what our muslim agenda wants FOR NOTHING ! Also, Mayor Bloomberg has some financial deals in the works for network channels in the muslim world and he does not want to risk the negotiations by standing against the mosque.

The agenda of 70% of New Yorkers against the building of the mosque is to show that America will not be intimidated by Islamic groups trying to take advantage of America’s freedoms. Why does Immam Rauf and his muslim friends have to have the mosque at that location. They are adamant that moving the mosque will not happen. They threaten that if the mosque is moved there would be muslim violence around the world. A strong indication of how important that specific location has become. There are more that 100 mosques in New York, 0 churches in Saudi Arabia, and no desire to allow further muslim recruitment and gloating over this American tragedy by providing muslims a perch from which to view the muslim extremist handiwork of 9/11. Build the mosque somewhere else. Anywhere but overlooking the site of the most deadly attack by the Islamic enemies of the west. Those who have died on 9/11 and their friends and relatives have the right to protect and determine the use of sacred ground in the debris field of the 9/11 tragedy from being used as an empowering political and religious symbol by those who created the catastrophe.

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