Only Read The Qu’ran

I’ve never been there before, the Huffington Post, it’s scary over there, I do not think I will ever go back. They are doing something “progressive” for Christmas. They are starting a “let’s give and read Islamic books for Christmas”.
There is rather a large posting in the religion section that discusses many of the books about the Qu’ran and about Islam. The listed books are third party interpretations, evaluations, and analysis of the Islamic faith. These books are misleading because they convince you that there is nothing to worry about with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and personal submission to the morals as specified in the Qu’ran. The Qu’ran are the words of Allah spoken by the archangel Gabriel to Mohammad. There are also others books like the Haditha, etc. but the book that really defines what muslims are is the Qu’ran.

According to these 3rd party interpretation books Islam is tolerant to other religions, is not anti-infidel, is not pro-jihad, and, is not trying to convert people to Islam. Every one of the statements just made is 100% absolutely false. But you would never know it from reading 3rd party interpretations. These books are part of the Muslim organized deception. Remember, lying is perfectly acceptable in the cause of  Islam. If they told the truth about what the Qu’ran says you would see that Islam is intolerant of other religions, anti-infidel, pro-jihad, and it’s mission is to have it’s members convert as many as possible to Islam.

So to avoid the Muslim deception you must go to the source and read the Qu’ran. It is not a difficult read. Many of the suras are repetitive and appear many times. The key is that “good Muslims” support, agree with, and follow the suras in the Qu’ran. There is no supporting some of the suras but not all the suras. Either you are “good Muslim” who submits to the word of Allah in the Qu’ran believing every sura, or you are a “bad Muslim” who has not yet submitted to the words of Allah in the suras of the Qu’ran.

Do not waste your time reading any book other than the Qu’ran. All these other books have an agenda to convince infidels there is nothing to fear with Islam. Once you read the Qu’ran you will probably be shocked. You will see that this book describing a “peaceful religion” is actually the largest and most specific example of hate speech in the world today. It explicitly says don’t socialize with infidels, don’t do business with infidels, don’t trust infidels, you can lie to infidels, and kill infidels wherever you find them. There is no tolerance for other religions at all, and all other religions are driven out of the town square. In Saudi Arabia there are 0 Christian churches, and only Muslims are permitted in the towns of Mecca and Medina. In New York city there are more than 100 mosques as well as all other denominations of non-muslim churches.

You Can Only Learn About Muslims…………………By Reading The Qu’ran

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