The Double Standard Goes On and On

Recently there have been some whining, complaining, and temper tantrums from Rev. Al Sharpton, Sen. J. Rockefeller, Sen. Pat Leahy, and Rep. Maxine Waters about Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Reilly. All the complaints are based on the fact that these new media vehicles are not under the control of the liberal MSM and therefore they should be shutdown by the FCC. The liberal spin, bias, and propaganda is not controlling these new media outlets. If you watch liberal MSM you will get only liberal spin. If you watch cable Fox you will get liberal and conservative viewpoints. Currently Fox news provides air time for many liberals and many conservative figures. The reason is simple. Fox does not want to be the conservative version of the liberal MSM. The only way to achieve “fairness and balance” is to give both sides equal air time to express their views. Fox at least tries to do that. The double standard goes on and on.

The complaint against Rush Limbaugh is that there is no real balance in his presentation. I believe that’s true. That is his talk radio show, and he expresses his opinions while talking on his show. Rush Limbaugh is probably the most researched voice on radio. He is always very prepared to discuss the current daily topics with callers (of all political views) and is not afraid to voice his own factually based opinions. Yes these are his opinions, just like Babara Walters, Kate Couric, Brian Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Christian Amanpour, Anderson Cooper, Chris Mathews, Keith Olberman, Rachelle Maddow, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Bill Maher, and Bob Schieffer express their own opinions during their shows. The difference is of course that Rush is not a puppet of anyone. Most other personalities do have to answer to the “hidden” liberal censors when topics are discussed. They are told what they can’t say and what they can say. When they stray from the “hidden” liberal talking points, they are quickly warned of the problem. The double standard goes on and on.

I think the evening news is supposed to be an unbiased honest assessment and analysis of what happened in a truthful and uncensored format. Currently, and for the last 4 decades, the liberal MSM has not provided truthful and uncensored information. Everything the liberal MSM dispenses is highly scrutinized information that is designed to make the liberal look as good as possible, and the conservative look as bad as possible. It has come to the point that it is laughable. Watch a story on liberal MSM, and then watch the same story on Fox News. Its like people on two different planets are reporting the stories. Anyone can do this test themselves and see the difference between Fox News and liberal MSM. The liberal MSM is pro-choice, pro-big government, pro-taxes on the rich, pro-entitlements for all, anti-religion, pro-gay, anti-military, pro-UN, pro-feminist, pro-worldview, pro-global warming, pro-urban view, pro-Democrat, pro-unions, anti-Republican, anti-American, and overflowing with liberal progressive talking heads making unsubstantiated, unproven accusations, name calling, and defamity against anyone that disagrees with their progressive liberal ideas.The double standard goes on and on.

The liberal MSM is comprised of  NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, VH1, MTV, HBO, New York Times, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, Oscars, Noble Prizes, and the Emmy’s. Almost all dramatic shows are written by progressive liberal writers who constantly portray conservatives as stupid, extremist, cruel, bible-thumping, lying, zealot, bad guys, whereas liberal progressives are portrayed as sympathetic, honest, nurturing to all, secular, good guys. Quite often scripts depict pro-choice as a non-brutal solution to a pregnancy problem. I guess they haven’t seen the pictures of the dismembered or breach suction methods of killing the baby. Movie scripts are slanted to the progressive liberal viewpoint as well as books on the NY Times Bestseller List. There are many new cable channels which are probably distributing the same liberal bias, it just takes time to evaluate a channels bias. The double standard goes on and on.

The liberal MSM main weapon of discrimination is ommission. There are two sets of rules. One for the liberal and one for the conservative. If Obama says there are 57 states in the U.S., and never corrects it, it is not reported by the leftist MSM. If Sarah Palin accidently says North Korea when she means South Korea and corrects it within minutes. The leftist MSM reports that Sara Palin does not know the difference between North and South Korea because she is stupid. If a uniformed George W. Bush is walking on the aircraft carrier, according to the liberal MSM he is prancing. But if Micheal Dukakis rides on a tank with his helmeted head sticking out looking ridiculous, he is showing his gravitas and knowledge of the military. If George Bush were to ride that same tank it would be presented as war mongering. John Kerry looking ridiculous in semiconductor manufacturing bunny suit, is not reported by the liberal MSM. The double standard goes on and on.

Conservative representatives are openly called right wing extremists, left wing extremists are presented as mainstream centrists. Legislation proposed by a conservative is anti-poor, racist, homophobic, and islamophobic. The same legislation proposed by a liberal is well thought out, a step in a positive direction, and is an example of good political decisions. For eight years the liberal progressive media did its best to insinuate that George W. Bush was a drunkard, even though he has been sober for decades. Ted Kennedy, who daily had one too many, and is responsible for the death of Mary Joe Kopeckne in a drunk vehicular homicide, never had to answer for his crime and was never accused of drinking too much. Duke Cunningham, a republican who was accused of white collar crimes and fraud is now spending years in jail, whereas Charlie Rangel who evaded taxes, forget to declare homes he owned, and forgot to report income from rental properties, gets a slap on the wrist censure, and is back on the floor of the House working the very next day. The double standard goes on and on.

If the discussion is retaining the Bush tax cuts or not, the liberal MSM presents this as a new “tax cut for the rich”, whereas factually this is not a tax cut at all but rather there is not a tax increase. Taxes are staying where they currently are. The liberal MSM cannot say “tax cut” without adding “for the rich”. Their mouths are unable to eliminate the last 3 words. They complain how much money the tax cut will mean to the rich, and some times it is substantial. Why is it substantial savings for the rich, but minuscule for the poor. Because the rich pay so much more in taxes than the poor. They pay a higher percentage of their money then the middle class. The top 1% of tax payers pay 38% of the all taxes. The top 5% of taxpayers pay 50% of all taxes. Half the population in the United States pays absolutely no taxes. So I can honestly say that the wealthy are paying their share at tax time. But the accusations never stop from the liberal MSM. One quote from Rush Limbaugh, forgive me if I misquote, when the liberal MSM attack you “it is not the quality of the evidence that matters, its the seriousness of the charge”. So the play book of liberal MSM is accuse conservatives as much as you want, because no fact checking will be done to verify or debunk it. The accusation alone is enough to influence the electorate. The double standard goes on and on.

Perhaps the most startling contrast presented by the liberal MSM was their coverage of the two gatherings on the mall in Washington D.C.. The picture attached to this blog post shows the mall on the day of each gathering. The top picture was the Glenn Beck sponsored gathering (8/28/10). The bottom picture is the Stewart-Colbert gathering (10/2/10). Obviously the Glenn Beck gathering had a much larger crowd that Stewart-Colbert, but you would never know it from the liberal Media coverage. The top crowd was described as disappointing, less that expected, attended by poorly educated gun-totin’ racist rural types that thought they were at an  evangelical revival meeting. The bottom crowd was large, more than expected, attended by highly educated, sophisticated urban types that were well aware of the importance of this gathering. In many cases the estimates of the crowds by the liberal MSM was about the same. Take a closer look at the photos and compare the attendance of each gathering. There is no comparison between the amount of attendees. When the gatherings were over, the top gathering policed themselves and cleaned up all the trash so that the grounds were spotless and no additional clean up was needed. When the bottom gathering was over there was trash and garbage covering the mall that needed to be cleaned up by federal employees. The double standard goes on and on.

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