Cryptcl: Why Not Read The Constitution?

Why do progressives feel threatened by the existence, importance, and the reading of this document to open the 112th Congress House of Representatives. Perhaps they don’t understand that sometimes it is good to remind Congressional Politicians of why they are there, and what they are supposed to do.

This nation has had the fortunate experience of growing and becoming a world power faster than any nation in history. There are three reasons for this miraculous maturing of a small colony. The first is the U.S. Constitution defined democracy. The second is the economics of capitalism. The third is the attraction for immigrants to come to a country that offers more opportunity, capitalism, and democracy. Success is directly proportional to the individual’s responsibility, commitment, skills, and work ethic.

The Constitution protects the rights of citizens and is an obstacle to the growth of tyranny in our democratic government. It defines the structure of our government as three equal and separate functions of governing: judicial, legislative, and executive. It defines the powers of the federal government, and allows the creation of rights for state governments. It has a bill of rights for each citizen, and the rules for democratic representation and elections. It might be one of the greatest documents ever written. It defines one of the few forms of government that has a prime purpose of protecting the rights of the citizens. In the 250 years since it’s creation, the flexibility, applicability, and completeness of it’s composition has survived and thrived in the growth, chaos, and historical difficulties of America. It is as important today as it was when it was written 250 years ago. The writers of this document can be considered perhaps the greatest collection of political, social, financial, and historical thinkers ever assembled. Their purpose was to accomplish the one task of defining a new country called America.

The second factor for most Americans having achieved more than any country in the history of the world is capitalism. I love to watch anti-capitalist Americans demonstrate a preference for socialism or communism. Without fail, everyone of these individuals were made successful and allowed a soapbox to give their opinions, because of their success as a capitalist. Ben Afleck complains of CEO salaries, yet CEO’s have more college education and more hours a year working than Ben Afleck. Yet, Ben made $37 million last year and $12.5 million for the fiasco known as Gigli. So Ben exactly why do you deserve such large salaries?

Capitalism is an environment where innovation, personal responsibility, hard work, and purpose are the working conditions. Individuals taking risk through financial investment and personal skills and effort are the major players in the capitalist state. It has been proven that everywhere capitalism has existed, the fastest reduction of poverty has occurred. As an individual in a democratic and capitalist system, I have been afforded more opportunities, more options, more choices, and more rewards of hard work than any individual counterpart in any other country in the world. The rise and growth of America proves the extraordinary success of capitalism and democracy.

The third factor in America’s rapid growth is the attraction to immigrants of the lifestyle of America. Immigrants from every country in the world come here for the opportunities that America offers. The freedoms, form of government, and “free-market” approach to capitalism provides the spark for a man’s optimism, aspirations, hopes, and dreams. America really is the melting pot for those who believe in personal responsibility, hard work, and personal success.

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