Your Either On The Tea Party Bus Or Under The Tea Party Bus

The 2010 primary election season is starting out very interesting. Tea Party supported candidates are doing better than expected, and legacy GOP Moderates are feeling the bite of a shift in the American voice to a more conservative world view. The Democrats are trying to present the tension between Tea Party and GOP Moderates as effectively canceling each other out, distributing republican votes between them, and the Democrats will be last man standing winner. I love the Democrats, no matter the facts, they always live in a progressive liberal fantasy spin portraying themselves as the undeniable choice of the people. We’ll see come November what the undeniable choice of the people really is. There is some tension between GOP traditionalists and newly arrived conservative Tea Party. It’s what they call growing pains.

The moderate Republican establishment with legacy moderates and RINO’s of various types is learning that their “wishy washy” lack of support of Republican conservative policies has allowed the progressive liberal socialist agenda to get a strong foothold in the government. The RINO/Moderates either through their own naivete, incompetence, gullibility, or complete stupidity have quite often supported the Democratic progressive liberal agenda. Politicians like Arlen Spectre, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, and Mike Castle have been allowed to conive, survive, and thrive playing political games with their own party’s policies. Well if things go hopefully as planned, a wakeup call will be sent to all the moderate candidates that the times have changed, and the Republican party is shifting to the conservative right as the Tea Party grows in power and success. Traditional Republican voters will have to decide if their fear of conservatives is greater than their fear of progressive liberals. Since Obama’s administration has shown the consequences of the progressive liberal agenda. I think the Republican voters will make the logical choice to move toward the conservative path. Those Republican candidates up for re-election are quickly learning that the Tea Party is not only targeting Democrats, but confronting moderate Republican’s too. The catch phrase for this election season is: Only true conservatives will have the Tea Party support and funds to be successful.The is some interesting theatre going on. Karl Rove, whom I like, respect, and usually agree with, has drawn a line in the sand for Mike Castle. He asked for Tea Party support for Mike Castle a few months ago. Yes the same Mike Castle who voted to impeach G.W. Bush. Well the Tea Party looked at his voting record and said no your not the type of candidate we are looking for. Sara Palin stepped in and endorsed a newcomer Christine O’Donnel who already started running as the more conservative choice. Ms. O’Donnel beat Mike Castle in a come from behind last minute upset. The writings on the wall. Even if you are Karl Rove supported, if you are not a true conservative the Tea Party will not support you. The loss by Mr. Castle was such a surprise that the NRSC felt their candidate lost and they were refusing to support O’Donnel in the November elections. So NRSC you are telling me that the winning candidate in the Republican primary, supported by the majority of Republican voters, will not be supported by the Republican party ? Yes they realized it was stupid too. They since have said they will support Ms. O’Donnel.So yes there are growing pains. Karl Rove is not as powerful since the emergence of the Tea Party. Charles Krauthammer is not as supportive of a Republican candidate since the emergence of the Tea Party. Since Ms. O’Donnel victory both Karl and Charles have still “trash talked her” in columns and on Fox News. It’s OK, let the old GOP guard stomp their feet and whine a little. In the end they know they have to support the Republican candidates as chosen by the Republican voters. In this election cycle that most likely means supporting the candidates with the full support of the Tea Party. Like it or not, that is the direction the Republican party is going, more conservative, less RINO’s. There is an opportunity here that the Republican’s cannot afford to miss. So either your on the Tea Party bus or under the Tea Party bus.

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