Cryptcl: Atheists Sue Perry

I wonder what the reaction would be from the Atheist community if Gov. Perry was promoting and attending an Atheist community gathering.
If you remove all religious objects from the public square then you are supporting and condoning a godless religion called Atheism. Atheism is just another religion which happens to be godless, holy book-less, prayer-less, holiday-less, without humility, ethics,  or a clear moral foundation. As far as I know there is no book that lists the rules of being an Atheist.

Is it me or are atheists mean, nasty, angry, unhappy, arrogant, paranoid, defensive, humorless, suffer from Christian Derangement Syndrome (CDS), and seem to have no questions about the creation of the universe. Atheists seem to have a greater hatred for Christianity than for other religions. Not sure why.

The Simple Beliefs Of Atheists:
  • No God
  • Only science (which atheists believe created itself).
  • Evolution      (which the fossil record contradicts)
  • What is, is.
  • What ain’t, ain’t.
  • life is completely accidental and random (no designer, no plan, no direction)
  • DNA developed accidentally and randomly (no designer, no plan, no direction)
Conversation wuth an Atheist
Query:   Prove to me there is no god?
Atheist:  I can’t prove it but I believe it.
Query:   no proof and still believing in no god, means you have faith that your beliefs are true?
Atheist: yes I do
Quest:    anything that requires faith is a religion


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