Cryptcl: California ‘Dream Act’ Approved For Illegal Students


I have an idea. Why don’t we reward illegal immigrants with cheaper college tuition, and lets penalize citizens by not making the cheaper prices available to legal Americans.

Reward criminal lawless behavior. Punish legal lawful behavior. The Dream Act in California rewards illegals and encourages more illegals to enter the country. It’s sort of an anti-immigration law in a nation overrun by illegal immigration, and in desperate need of tough enforced immigration laws.

California lawmaking is the land of fruits and nuts. Every nut is a little bit fruity. Every fruit is a little bit nutty. Every law is driven by liberal progressive compassionate emotion. The laws should be based on pragmatic rational well thought out policies. Not knee-jerk reactions driven by emotions rather than common sense.

This knee-jerk emotional reaction has been proven a disaster everytime. Lets look at the biggest and most liberal progressive knee-jerk emotional decision of all time.

The Dems Sub-prime Lending Fiasco: The compassionate desire of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to reduce regulations and restrictions for sub-prime loans, and at the same time significantly increase the number of sub-prime loans available. For about 5 minutes you could find a statistic that said 80% of Americans own their own home. But almost immediately buyers started defaulting on loans they never should have been approved for in the first place. They were approved through Barney Franks and Chris Dodds demand on the mortgage industry and forcing them to accept unqualified buyers by making almost all buyers qualified. It destroyed sub-prime industry, housing industry, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, banks solvency, Wall Street, and the financial industry. All because they didn’t think of the possible unexpected consequences of their actions. Typical liberal progressive compassionate motivation with no examination of the pragmatic rational result than can occur in the real world.

In other words liberal progressive compassion and emotion based legislation is “junk politics”, just like incomplete inaccurate irrational science decisions is “junk science”!
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