Cryptcl: Conservatives in Revolt Over McConnell Proposal, So Imagine What’ll Happen After a Full Cave!

Warning: Voters are ready to bolt the party over this!

The whole Tea Party premise is that now is the time for tough decisions and painful entitlement reformation. Now is the time for strong conservative leadership. Caving when Dems or Obama push for new taxes or more spending is abhorrent. New taxes and spending nullifies any spending cuts and entitlement reform. Borrow more money because debt ceiling is raised and/or increasing taxes should not be done during a recession. It will just make things worse.

If the GOP caves on this anti-tax fight than masses of voters will leave the Republican Party and join the Tea Party. We need a new party dedicated to conservative solutions to do the heavy lifting in these difficult economic times. We don’t need politician’s with no back bone to submit to Obama raise taxes doctrine.


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