Cryptcl: Michelle Malkin: The expanding catalogue of Obamacare fables

Some call them fables, others fairy tales, for many they’re myths, for some just flights of fancy, others say it’s fantasy, they could be exaggerations, they’re misleading, they’re misinformation, anecdotal embellishments, they’re unintentional mistakes or errors, or they are intentional deception designed to confuse and influence the American voter.
Regardless of the semantic or nuance of the words in the current dialogue about Obamacare, They are mostly factually incorrect lies spoken by a POTUS to the American people. Over and over again these “errors” are found in any speech or statement Obama makes. One of the most important commodities for POTUS success is having the trust of the American people, and the credibility a POTUS  has with the voters. Obama has no trust by the majority of voters, and he has destroyed his own credibility. Usually the statements Obama makes fall into two categories: mistakes by an incompetent, or intentional lies for deception.  Obama is perceived by most Americas to be a compulsive liar with little or no respect for the intelligence of the American people. That is not the voter perceptions needed for someone wanting reelection.
On top of the Obamacare lies, every major legislation passed under Obama is a disaster. The TARP, bailouts, buy out of GM, Stimulus, and Obamacare were all achieved through bribing members of Congress, strong arming members of Congress, Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, and an unprepared and incompetent POTUS using Chicago thug politics to get these bill passed against the wishes of the majority of the America people. Now these bills are passed and all the American people can do is try and get at least Obamacare repealed. If it isn’t repealed it will destroy the American health care system.


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