Cryptcl: Obama the Anachronism

It has become abundantly clear that Obama is a POTUS that has gained power at the wrong time and the wrong place in American history. He amply and openly demonstrates his opinions and policies which all seem to be in direct conflict with the majority of Americans. He has surrounded himself with academics, socialists, Marxists, and communists, and his policies are designed to increase the size of government, increase taxes, and increase the power of the public unions. All of which conflict directly with the majority of Americans. His encouragement of illegal immigration, and his assault on the rights of citizens to protect themselves with immigration laws is stunning in it’s misunderstanding of the majority of the American people. His refusal to believe that Americans don’t want any taxes raised, is delusional and has no relation to reality. His policies might have gone over better in the 1960’s or early 1970’s, but in 2011 the country has moved to the right. More people today consider themselves conservatives than liberal progressive. The primary reason is that liberal progressive policies have destroyed both the federal government and states government. Americans see conservative policies as a possible solution to many problems this nation is facing.

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