Cryptcl: POTUS Weekly Address: Still Wants ‘the Wealthiest Americans’ to Pay More

He is obsessed with class warfare. Constantly attacking the rich for not doing their part. He’s  hoping to create anger toward rich that will translate into votes for him as the President of the little guy. He’s not the President of the little guy. He’s the President that supports:
  • pro-public and pro-private unions
  • pro-illegal immigrants and La Raza
  • pro-teachers union
  • anti-war leftist activists
  • pro-tax, pro-spend
  • pro-socialists
  • pro-big companies: GM, GE, and anyone else bailed out
  • anti-military
  • pro-atheists and agnostics
  • pro-millionaire Dems. There are more millionaire Dems than millionaire Republicans
  • pro-nanny state
  • pro-Code Pink
  • pro-The View
  • pro-Joy Behar
  • pro-Bill Maher
  • pro-Whoopi Goldberg
  • pro-Chris Mathews
  • pro-Rachel Maddow
  • pro-all the MSM (ABC,NBC,CBS,NPR,CNN, CNHLN, NY Times, LA Times, Newsweek, Time, MSNBC, Media Matters, Huffington Post, PBS, almost all Hollywood Actor, Directors, and producers)
  • pro-urban metrosexuals
  • pro-welfare dependent black America
  • pro-amnesty
  • pro-Muslim
  • pro-stmulus
  • pro-Obamacare (government controlled socialist health care)
  • pro-Death Panels
  • pro-Rationing
  • pro-bureaucrats making medical decisions
  • pro-Obamacare waiver for his friends –  1471 and counting (he has a friends list)
  • anti-Obamacare waiver for his enemies (he has a enemies list)
  • pro-terrorist trails in civilian American courts
  • pro-ground zero Mosque
  • pro-golf (spends most of his time on the course)
  • supports lies, misinformation, deception of the American people on all subjects
  • openly bribes politicians to get what he wants (ie. Obamacare)
  • wasted $800 billion in stimulus and created no jobs
  • bailed out hundreds of companies with no benefit for Americans
  • his speeches on anything are 50% useless rhetoric, and 50% lies
  • He blames Bush, Congress, and everyone else for his problems
  • He takes no personal responsibility for any decisions
  • He can’t give a speech without teleprompter training wheels
  • He uses made up statistics to support his decisions and policies
  • He is unprepared, inexperienced, and incompetent as President
  • pro-ACORN
  • pro-Abortion, pro-Planned Parenthood
  • pro-PLA
  • pro-Hamas


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