Cryptcl: The ‘Hell No’ Caucus Makes Its Stand

Alex Altman

Hate to  be the bearer of bad news but one way or another, or one more election, and the Tea Party will finally be able to do the tough job of reducing spending and not increasing taxes. If the Senate Dems block votes on valid GOP/Tea Party attempts to solve some of the problems then the Tea Party will just replace liberal progressive tax and spenders with Tea Party conservatives new fiscal policies in the next election. Similar to what they achieved in the House elections in 2008.
The GOP and Tea Party are not a cartel of evildoers trying to end the world. They are just proactive conservatives who realize we need to fix these problems of entitlements, unions, jobs, illegal immigration,  terrorism, national debt,  and the economy as soon as possible. The longer we wait the worse the problems get. Tea Party and GOP want to work with Dems, but there are some policies of the GOP and Tea Party that are not open to discussion. Those policies are “no new spending” and “no new taxes”. These two policies are non-negotiable because to do either one would make the problems worse and not better.

So if the Dems don’t work with the GOP and the Tea Party right now, then at election time they will be replaced by Tea Party members.

Another thing learned from the Obama administration is never appoint academics to any major Cabinet  advisory posts. Almost all the major economic advisers have resigned and gone back to their academia world. They screwed up the economy with naive textbook policies and proven liberal progressive policies that don’t work. Then, to add insult to injury, they all resign and hide at their universities claiming no responsibility. That’s the work ethic of academia. All talk and no walk. They ‘ve never run a business for profit, they’ve never handled economics on a national level, and they’ve never handled business and the economy on a global level. Those who can do, those who can’t teach.


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