Cryptcl: The SEIU NLRB Serial Job Killer

With such close ties between Obama and the public unions, the unions are acting like they own the country and can do whatever they want with impunity. Their thuggery knows no bonds right now and is getting extremely close to being charged with RICO statutes. They are a corrupt organization that thrives on intimidation, thuggery, and violence against it’s enemies. Their enemies are the hardworking non-union taxpayers that make up the majority of America’s workforce. Regardless of the excessive compensation and benefits SEIU members already have, they want more not caring if the government financially collapses. Isn’t a government financial collapse forced by SEIU members a threat to national security? Very similar to what terrorists would like to do to America.

The NLRB is dictating rules, regulations, and restrictions by unilateral fiat. When did the NLRB receive such imperial power of answering to no one? They are strictly union  supporters and everything they do is to help the unions and harm non-union Americans. Yet they are supposed to be a union neutral labor agency within the federal government to protect America’s workforce from abuse. They are not supposed to be the one abusing the workers, and playing favorites between union and non-union labor. All taxpayers pay their salaries!


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