Cryptcl: WH In Denial, Desparate MSM, Desparate Dems, Praise Obama, Attack Enemies With Insults, Name Calling, False Accusations, and Juvenile Exaggerations

 On PBS, Stephanopoulos Insists Obama’s ‘Done Remarkably Well’ in Office Despite Tough Times


Desperate Matthews Urges Viewers: Call Congress and Tell Them to Ignore Tea Party’s ‘Stay-At-Home’ Bloggers


Martin Bashir on NBC’s Today: Rupert Murdoch ‘A Combination of Jack Abramoff and James “Whitey” Bulger’

Reid Calls Tea Party Philosophy ‘a Bunch of Garbage’

Harry, could you be a little more specific about what you don’t like about Tea Party views?


Obama Blames Bush, Warns of ‘Armageddon’

Blaming Bush, Obama is not responsible for anything he’s done . More Armageddon scare tactics.


Obama Dodges: ‘Congress Has Run Up the Credit Card’

Blames congress for stimulus and costs of Obamacare? Both houses of Congress were controlled by Democrats when those bills were passed.


Rove Dumfounded by Obama’s ‘Hypocrisy’: ‘He Just Doesn’t Get It’

Obama’s mind has two modes of operation. Tax and Spend.


Pelosi Worships Obama: ‘Nobody Can Debate Him’

Yes Nancy, He is the chosen one?


POTUS: ‘This May Bring Down My Presidency, But I Will Not Yield on This’

Well the GOP and Teas Party will not yield on forcing no tax or borrowing or spending increases.


U.S. Too Dumb to Know Obama Is Always Right

We know this because the stimulus and Obamacare were perhaps the worst legislative decisions ever made. They are huge failures and were always unwanted by the American voter.

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