Cryptcl: A Complex Twist Of Fate: Redux

I love science and I love scientists. I love learning how chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, quantum physics, and biology all operate in combination in a splendid exacting symphony creating the amazing world we live in. Each science is defined by rules, laws, constants, and equations discovered and extrapolated by those inquisitive experimenters called scientists. Ask an expert about his field of science and he can speak for days about the complexities, architecture, nuances, structure, and causal forces that determine the behavior of a particular scientific realm.
Down to the minute detail the inquisitive nature of science is experimented, reworked, adjusted, picked apart, manipulated, magnified, and investigated endlessly with always the same experiment results expected. Each science is a complete set of exact, predictable, complex rules, and as far as scientists are concerned, its understood by mankind. Scientists know the “how” of everything in their domain of expertise. But mention the word “creation” or “why” and those same educated inquisitive scientists are scrambling for the exits. These inquisitors and their inquisitiveness suddenly disappears when there is no known equation or formula to shield their delicate egos. It’s strange since all their current equations and formulas were unknown thousands of years ago, and it was through inquisition and experimentation they were revealed so that today we understand all these rules.

These same scientists continue to avoid the 800 pound gorilla in the room. What created all this, and all this to work together. They all have tunnel vision focused on the details of their respective science, having no interest in the bigger picture of how and what created all these sciences to build our stable universe. The complexity alone eliminate the chance of randomness or accident. Now I know when you start talking about creation eyes roll avoiding the discussion about a cosmic watchmaker responsible for the creation of the universe. Let me make something clear, I am not a believer in an aged white-bearded supreme being in white robes as depicted in the major religions of the world. Most religions are designed to be a source of comfort, a moral compass, defines societies standards, some explanation of the absurd world we live in, and a guide for “acceptable” living. But I am certain about one thing. All the complexity, structure, architecture, measurable forces, interconnectivity, delicate relationships, and behavior of all the sciences functioning together could not have happened by accident. You would have to be a fool to believe that. More of a fool then believing in some ancient religion (for which there is at least some historical basis).When people discuss the currently popular theory of the “big bang”, with the creation of universes and galaxies, they act like its perfectly scientifically explainable. It makes no sense that we are the only planet with life, therefore there must be millions of worlds with life we just haven’t found yet, or there could be an infinite number of universes and we happen to be the one with life, and even though the universe is continuously accelerating (against our laws of physics) from a theorized infinitely dense singularity, it’s OK ! Our laws of physics must still apply. I have not heard of a single science that can explain how it would be possible to come into existence. All humankind does is examine and explain what already exists. Never does anyone try to explain how it came to exist. All those molecules, nuclei, electrons, protons,neutrons, chemicals, rocks, water, biological life, and “evolving planet” just magically appeared one day ? They have existed forever ?But what created the singularity in the first place that expanded creating the universe as we know. Our laws of physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, geology, and quantum physics has no explanation. When discussing “the big picture” suddenly educated scientists start guessing, theorizing, and speculating ideas that directly contradict their own scientific laws. They speak about the existence of an infinite universe, infinite worlds, infinite space, infinite time, and our trivial role in the grand scheme of such an expansive universe. The mere fact that our earth, moon, and sun relate to each in the existing exact orbits, sizes, tilted axis, distances, geological foundation, and temperatures alone screams that this did not happen by accident. If any of these 3 orbs differed in even the slightest way from the current configurations, the whole thing would collapse upon itself. The exactness required to sustain our world in the universe should be impossible by the mere chance of a “big bang” explosion.Men look at the skies and speak of infinity as if it were a definable concept. By definition alone infinity is undefinable. None of our sciences here on earth contains anything that is infinite. Yet we speculate it exists elsewhere when we don’t know how to explain something. Our entire world is defined by the finite and measurable. Every science we know and trust explains the finite. The universes birth place singularity itself is described by scientists as being infinitely dense. No science supports infinite density. No science supports an infinite universe, or infinite number of planets, or infinite number of stars, or infinite number of galaxies. The guiding principal foundation of all scientific knowledge as we know is that everything we can see, smell, touch, or hear is because it is finite.Biological life is another issue some try to explain with natural “natural selection” processes. You can use man-based alchemy to simmer stone, rock, gravel, dirt, gems in water for ever and never create life. Never create fungus. Never create Microbes. Some scientists believe this is how life was created on earth. They have to because they cannot accept that something miraculous happened that created life. Earth does not just contain life. Earth is a life creating juggernaut. It creates all forms of mammals, reptiles, insects, amphibians, birds, fish in such abundance that it boggles the mind. Something turned the creation switch on and we’ve been pedal to the metal ever since. All “evolution” is based on DNA defined life forms. The mere number of varieties and species with differing characteristics that sucessfully thrive on this wet rock in the middle of cold space is incomprehensible to me. It should be incomprehensible to you too. It does not make sense. Life literally and abundantly explodes into existence on this planet, everywhere, in every form. All other planets, worlds, universes so far are astronomical wastelands. Lumps of rock with no perceived start of life or future possibility of life. Each has a thousand reasons life does not exist. No water, too hot, too cold, toxic chemicals, toxic atmosphere, too far from a sun, too close to a sun, too wide orbit, too small an orbit, etc., etc.The more we peer into the abyss of space, the more unique and special our world becomes. Can life exist somewhere else in the universe ? Absolutely. Is that assumption based soley on mathematical statistical probability ? Absolutely. There is no evidence anywhere in our current understanding of space that proves that life must exist elsewhere. It’s man’s rational secular mind that must believe in other life forms to avoid accepting that something scientifically uniquely miraculous has occurred creating life on this planet. Name that unique occurrence a miracle, a scientific anomaly, a creator, a god, luck, hitting the lottery, or a twist of fate. Any name still identifies a miraculous singular set of complex conditions that has led to the abundance of life as we know it on our planet. The conclusion is unavoidable. We are part of and a product of a miraculous unique complex twist of fate which might be the only one in existence today. Someday perhaps we will be able to learn and understand why and how that miraculous anomaly occurred.
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