Cryptcl: John Kerry: Media Has “Responsibility” To “Not Give Equal Time” To Tea Party

Kerry Says we shouldn’t give equal time to Tea Party because it is a extremist group and not a main stream political party. He says: “It doesn’t deserve the same credit as a legitimate idea about what you do. And the problem is everything is put into this tit-for-tat equal battle and America is losing any sense of what’s real, of who’s accountable, of who is not accountable, of who’s real, who isn’t, who’s serious, who isn’t?”

Since when is the Tea Party an illegitimate idea about what to do. There are more valid solutions and ideas being presented by the Tea Party than any other political party. The Tea Party is disgusted by the much hyped Debt Ceiling Bill. Unfortunately only 22% of the Tea Party like that bill. Almost all Tea Partiers say there should have been more forced government cuts, more entitlement reform, and absolutely no tax increases. The Republicans and Democrats still think it is business as usual, compromise as usual,  and legislate as usual.

Mr. Kerry no need to worry. The Tea Party exists because the American people know who is accountable for the current financial and economic problems. Both Democrats and Republicans have contributed to the mess and refused to do what the American people want them to do. That’s why the Tea Party exists and is getting stronger everyday. Nothing is as usual right now. Serious major changes in bills and their contents must be undertaken to avoid getting compromise bills that don’t solve the problem and don’t accomplish what needs to be done because of too much compromise. The U.S. Government Titanic is sinking, complete destruction is imminent, and the liberals, Democrats, RINO Republicans,  and GOP moderates are still fighting over the arrangement of the deck chairs. The Tea Party is trying to stop it from sinking and that’s why their so inflexible and firm on their values and principals. Any compromise and you water down the effectiveness.

If republicans don’t shape up and realize that Americans prefer a conservative approach to solving the problems then the Tea Party will be competing with the Republican party instead of working with the Republican party.

As far as who gets equal media time. It has been brought to my attention that the conservative Tea Party is comprised of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans so they deserve coverage especially since at this time more Americans refer to themselves as conservative than liberal. Maybe we shouldn’t give equal time to the minority liberals? If that happened then the MSM would have to completely shutdown. All they have is pro-liberal news.

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