Cryptcl: Mexican town’s police force resigns after attack, The Cartel War On Our Southern Border Is Moving North


There has been war between the Mexican/U.S. governments against the Mexican Drug Cartels brought about by the drug and human smuggling across the southern U.S. border. This is a social problem, a criminal problem, an international problem, and a national security problem. The U.S. should using maximum forces and capabilities to seal the border, and start to eliminate illegal or legal Mexican drug cartel members from profiting from this illegal drug trade.

This complete police resignation in a town has occurred because the Mexican Military has not been properly deployed, properly trained, or properly motivated to eradicate the Mexican Cartel Problem. Many in the military are on a cartel’s payroll. Many police are on a cartel’s payroll. The non-corrupted police are sittings ducks for ambushes by the well armed military weapons carried by the Mexican Cartel members. Incidents like this make it quite obvious that Mexico is too incompetent and too corrupt to resolve the cartel problem on it’s own. So what is to be done?

A slight change in U.S. perspective might help identify alternatives. These drug cartels are responsible for almost all the drugs that enter our country. These drugs being smuggled are a direct attack on the American people and American sovereignty. These drugs are smuggled across an international border with Mexico illegally in defiance of U.S. Laws.

The federal government can claim jurisdiction on a national security basis. The federal government can finish the fences, flood the border with national guard troops to reduce illegals crossing the border for any reason, and the American military can start using drones to protect the border from drug smugglers, and can help to track down and destroy Mexican Cartel members. The drone on the border, once they see someone smuggling drugs can give a single verbal command to turn around in Spanish. If the smuggler refuses to turn around open fire with everything we have. Drones can work at night with night vision capabilities. That’s when all the smugglers are resting because of the darkness. Similarly, illegal immigrants can be ordered to stop and return home. If they don’t open fire on them.

Another point is how many Mexican Cartel members are already in America? At minimum there are 10’s of thousands spreading across the country to act as the distribution arm of the Mexican cartel drugs in every major city in America. Every major city must find these illegals (or legals) and deport them out of the country, or arrest them on RICO charges since the Mexican Cartels are Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. Most Mexican street gangs have members of the Mexican drug cartels. That’s where the illegal immigrants hide in plain site.

The mass resignation of Mexican police in a town, sparked by an ambush that killed three policeman, is a serious omen to what will happen to other towns in Mexico. This ultra-violence will make its way across the border and pretty soon American police are seeing the same types of attacks. America needs to perform a decisive preemptive strike on Mexican drug cartel resources and assets in Mexico and America.

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