Cryptcl: The Expanding Footprint Of The Tea Party

The left-wing of this country is going bezerk about the very existence of the Tea Party, Tea Party candidates, and Fox News. They are at war with the Tea Party, their candidates, and with Fox News. The problem is that the Democrats are already a day late and a dollar short. The Democrats missed the Tea Party birth about 1-2 years ago. That’s when the Tea Party was just finding it’s role and participation in the American political system. Since then the Tea Party has grown into a true grass roots movement that includes all Americans, all political parties, and a single purpose, of fixing the American financial, immigration, health care, economy, and jobs crisis through tough austerity and conservative principals.

The Tea Party expanded when the American people saw Obama force a monstrosity Obamacare health care system down the throats of Americans. It was 2700 pages and was virtually unread before passage. Obama used arm twisting, bribes, and other Chicago thug political techniques to force successful passage in the Senate and the House. The American people were shocked because they had let Washington know that they did not want this socialized medical program. Washington completely ignored the American people and passed this legislation against the majority of the American people. That was the last straw by existing political parties, and the first straws of the new Tea Party. A new approach is needed to get government to do what we want and the solution is a grass roots political movement called the Tea Party.

One of the humorous aspects of the emergence of the Tea Party is that the left-wing and the MSM are using their standard smear name calling techniques. The problem when an American hears the MSM attack the Tea Party, and he knows what the MSM is saying is false, as it almost always is, suddenly makes that American consider maybe joining the Tea Party to pay back the MSM liars. Every Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarain, and MSM lie creates new Tea Party members. Since all the MSM does is lie, then you can understand the great increase in Tea Party membership. The Tea Party has already been called every name in the book. All baseless and simply out of desperation of the Democrats and MSM.

Few realize that the Tea Party is going to be around for the long haul and will, if not already, become the nations grass roots conservative base. As the Tea Party grows many are understanding that this is not some “dim-witted” political stunt, but rather a culmination of decades of Washington DC not listening to the American voter. The Tea Party is the political component of a grass roots accumulation of unhappy blacks, unhappy whites, unhappy Asians, unhappy Hispanics, unhappy conservatives, unhappy liberals, unhappy Republicans, unhappy Democrats, and unhappy taxpaying working Americans. Enough is enough. Our elected public officials are not doing what the people want. Americans will now elect politicians based on the performance in the policy areas of concern of the Tea Party.

In 2010, the Tea Party handed the Democrats their greatest House loses in 62 years. Come 2012, that’s what will happen with POTUS, and the Senate. Then America will see true conservative reform of entitlements, spending cuts, government size, public employee compensation, power of the public and private unions challenged, and ban the use of taxpayer monies for partisan organizations.

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