Cryptcl: GOP Moderates and Tea Party, It’s Like Kissing Your Sister

Eagle Eye GOP Voters

The 2 key elements that will ensure a GOP/Republican POTUS and Senate victories in 2012 have got to come to the understanding that everyone will not like everything. Moderates and conservatives need to focus on the prize. If GOP and Tea Party can work together there is no reason they can’t come out on top in 2012. GOP needs to understand that much of the Tea Party, regardless of previous policy positions, now realize that for austerity reasons conservative policies are what is best for the country right now. Over the next few years reformation, public employee compensation adjustments, spending cuts, shrinking government by removing duplication, reducing and removing fraud in public entitlements wherever possible are all components in putting the country on the right course for the next few decades.

The GOP moderates need to understand that the Tea Party believes that only conservative policies can get the U.S. government out of the crushing financial situation. This conservative policy choice is non-negotiable to the Tea Party. If the GOP won’t support conservative policies then the Tea Party will go it alone as a third party. The GOP does not want to spin off the Tea Party. The GOP needs to agree to support the conservative policies and the stated goals of the Tea Party. If GOPers are not sure then perhaps it’s time for a little trust in the Tea Party. The Tea Party is not wild-eyed radicals. The Tea Party handed Dems their greatest House defeat in 62 years. They are voters from all demographics who are fed up with Washington not listening to the people and they are convinced our nations problems needs a couple of years of good conservative policies to turn the debt problem around.

Running GOP moderate  candidates will not win the presidential election and will not win back seats in the Senate. True GOP conservatives supported by the Tea Party can win in the 2012 elections. More and more Americans each day are learning to better understand what the Tea Party is and how it can make major changes in Washington. If the changes the Tea Party wants to make are not accomplished then this nation is in terrible shape form the next few decades. Employment and jobs will get worse, costs of entitlements will rise, and government waste and inefficiency will go unchecked for decades. The Tea Party is the group of right voters, with the right policies and goals, and at the right time in history to save America from disaster that has been caused through poor decisions for decades. The Tea Party is conservative policies with love for country and an optimism that success can be achieved if we all just adjust our expectations by accepting some new fiscal conservative ways to do things. The GOP moderate approach has not worked for decades. The Dems liberal progressive tax and spend policies have only made things worse for decades. The Tea Party is not only conservatives. All races, political histories, and all those with personal desire to improve our country are welcome and encouraged to join the Tea Party real grass roots movement. The future will impact us all. It’s time to take responsibility to make the world a better place for our children and grand-children.

The Tea Party is only an enemy to the status quo that has been in control for decades in Washington. The Tea Party is a place of refuge, rejuvenation, and a proactive movement to make Washington accountable to the voters. Washington is a democracy that should be accountable to the voters. The passing of Obamacare against the wishes of the American voters illustrated the serious disconnect between Washington politicians and the American voter. American voters were in shock that Obamacare was passed with bribery and arm twisting. Obamacare was not passed based on the quality of the legislation. It was passed by partisan thug politics working against the wishes of the American voters.

Not everything about the combining of GOP moderates and Tea Party members will be enjoyable. It will be tough contentious and frustrating at times. But the much bigger goal of saving our nation is more important. Everyone will have to get used to kissing their sister sometimes to make a deal aimed at improving our nation possible.

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