Cryptcl: The Insanity Of The Norway Killer

Just thinking about the actions of the Norway killer makes one confused with shock and disbelief. Here is a European adult who is violently opposed, bordering on OCD, to the Islamification of Europe. I agree that Islamification of Europe or the U.S. is not compatible with democracies. Islam is a civil government and a religion. It’s dogma and beliefs directly conflict with the concept of freedoms, liberties, and human rights. There will be tremendous conflict between the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds in the decades to come. During those decades they will still discuss the Norway killer and how his actions make little rational sense.

He was furious at what is happening to Europe because of the encouraged immigration of Muslims into European countries. European governments have permitted the Muslim immigration and he held government officials responsible for allowing this immigration that will eventually destroy the native cultures of Europe.

It’s his actions that I can’t get my head around. His real enemies are Muslims not his government. Yet he attacked a government building with a bomb, and then went to summer camp for children, mostly children of the Labour Party, and deceived them and then killed as many as he could. Attacking and killing your own people to make his point? How does killing 70+ summer camper Norwegian children further his hatred of Islamic immigration? These children have nothing to do with Islamic immigration. Why kill young Norwegians?

I believe his real goal was not his being upset with Islamic immigration as much as it was he wanted to be infamous. He had portrait pictures done before the attacks so that he would have good pictures to give the press. I believe he just wanted to be infamous. Infamy is usually proportional to the number of people you have murdered or killed. Therefore his goal was for maximum casualties and the best place was a summer camp full of children. He dressed as a police officer. Called to the children that he is there for their safety and he needs to talk to everyone about an explosion at a government building. When they started to gather he started shooting. Cold blooded, devious, evil, and calculated to get the most possible kills. One would assume someone of his beliefs would prefer to go to a mosque and start shooting Muslims. In a way it’s pretty startling that regardless of opinions pro or against Islam, all the lunatics select non-Muslims to kill. Very disturbing.

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