Cryptcl: Schadenfreude: The World Delights in America’s Misfortune

The nations of the world are in harmony, all grinning and hoping for the failure of America. Taking delight in the misfortune of America indicates a pronounced juvenile stance and a lack of empathy. America the country that has spilled it’s blood and spent it’s treasure protecting, liberating, and rebuilding other nations in their times of distress. Protecting and encouraging democracies and universal human rights everywhere in the world for almost a hundred years. Arriving to help those nations less fortunate and in crisis. America’s arms filled with charitable resources, never asking or expecting anything in return. This is the country that lost over 50,000 soldiers trying to keep Vietnam free from brutal communism, WWI and WWII combined over 500,000 deaths to help save the European continent twice, untold millions to reconstruct Europe and Japan following WWII, the creation of the League of Nations after WWI to improve communication between nations, the creation of the United Nations after WWII to provide that same desperately needed positive interaction, the untold billions in foreign aid to countries all over the world, the Berlin Air Lift, the Cuban missile crisis, the cold war to thwart the spread of communism, participating in Bosnia/Kosovo to prevent genocide against Muslims, and billions in crisis dollars to friend and foe nations in dire catastrophe.

As an American the current conditions look dire and frightening. America got sloppy in it’s financial house keeping, incompetent in it’s economic decisions, and incorrect in it’s fiscal priorities. But if their is one thing that America has proven over and over again is that it is resilient and exceptional in times of crisis. The time is now for the American exceptionalism to return. The existence and growth of the Tea Party is providing a voice for the voters and is a major player in the new austerity measures that must be adopted. The Tea Party is grass roots and doesn’t even have an official leader, and is getting stronger everyday as Americans come to realize the lies, misinformation, misleading, and liberal progressive partisan agendas of the major MSM media outlets.

The Tea Party is driven by the common beliefs and goals of it’s members. It’s members are pragmatic and committed fiscal conservatives that support entitlement reform, public union reforms, downsizing government, drastic spending cuts, and keeping taxes low. Tea Party members come from all political backgrounds, all races, and all Americans that are fed up with a Washington that is not doing what the majority of voters want. Washington has ignored the majority of Americans for too long. It’s time for a grass roots movement to participate and guide the direction of this nation before it is too late to save. The Tea Party is the average Americans voters way to tell Washington it’s time to cleanup your act.

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