Cryptcl: CNN’s Costello Floats Bill Maher’s, Al Gore’s Ideas of Liberal Tea Party


Carol Costello (CNN talking head), Bill Maher(HBO comic), and Al Gore (global warming delusional) have mentioned maybe the country needs to start a liberal Tea Party. To me these guys are the three stooges trying to act politically astute. That just shows how little these liberal progressives understand about what the Tea Party is, why it exists, and what are it’s goals and purpose.

The Tea Party was not started by some public personality suggesting we form a Tea Party. The Tea Party was formed from grass roots voters who believed that their elected officials were not representing them. This began with the unpopular TARP decisions in the last days of the Bush Administration. This includes anger at RINO’s for betraying conservative principles, anger at GOP moderates for siding with liberal Dems, anger at the financial condition of America, anger at government getting too big, anger at the unrestrained spending, extreme anger at the passage of Obamacare in direct conflict of the wishes of the American people, and a sincere belief that someone needs to make major changes at how things are done in Washington. Fiscal conservative policies over a decade or so, can save the American spending, debt, and economy.

No one said one day lets start a new Tea Party. At meetings and political events participants started to encounter others that were as fed up as they are with Washington. Over time these grass roots participants evolved into a group with similar goals. To this day the Tea Party does not have a leader. It is not a political organization that is personality driven. It is a political organization that is conservative policy and results driven. Those results being the correction of a number of large problems tearing our country down. In many cases there is not even clear descriptions of policies in the Tea Party. Participants just know the right thing to do by informed rational pragmatism and common sense.

The Tea Party is not really a political party. Members of the Tea Party are all political parties, all races, all nationalities, and all geographic regions of the country. I view the Tea Party as being common conservative political philosophy that exists in all political parties. The philosophy is conservative only because most Tea Partiers believe it will take conservative fiscal policies to bring America out of the debtors prison it finds itself in today. Now if in the 2012 elections the Tea Party doesn’t get treated fairly by the GOP or Dems, then the Tea Party will split into it’s own standalone party. The existing parties must support Tea Party candidates and Tea Party principles. The goal of the Tea Party in 2012? Keep control of the house, get control of the Senate, and get the control of POTUS. Once that occurs the Tea Party can do what it thinks is best for the country knowing it has the support of the majority of Americans. The Tea Party will have a mandate to do what’s best for the nation.

One other issue of note. Conservatives have values and principles that guide their decisions. Liberal progressives are really amoral citizens believing if it feels good do it. Liberals are not constrained by values and principles because they don’t really have any. Liberals elect politicians that will increase the size of government adding new regulations that eliminate a voter’s freedom. In the past few years, liberal San Francisco, tried to ban purchasing pets, tried to ban Happy Meals, and have added a third garbage can for compost. Inspectors will be verifying everyone uses every garbage can correctly.

So when liberals elect politicians that regulate and restrict their liberties they seem to have no complaints. The ultimate goal of liberals is a socialist government that controls your life womb to tomb. The nanny state. A citizen is provided everything and never needs to make a decision. Those citizens become institutionalized, much like prisoners, where they only do what they are told, where they do not any longer know how to function independently and take care of themselves. The options of taking care of yourself has been completely removed from social structure. Individualism is discouraged. Any and all opportunities are the same for everyone. All citizens are identical? I don’t think so. We know from history that all citizens are not the same. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We are all idiot savants.

We will all be captives of the Socialist Borg! Resistance is futile. If the Liberals have their way.

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