Cryptcl: Dems: Mistakes, Errors, Bad Decisions, Misinformed, And Misreading American Voters

How does one know that they are not an obstructionist, and are really an informed participant that is unwilling to do anything that is not fiscally conservative.

Oh you’ll be called names “holding a gun to the head of  taxpayers”, “terrorists”, “obstructionists”, “refuse to compromise”, “hateful”, and “fear mongers”. The bottom line is that you need confidence in your convictions and the will to stand firm and not be intimidated by hagglers who want to water down the good effects of a policy. Sometimes it is not business as usual, and not compromise as usual. Sometimes it’s do what you know is the right thing and say “Hell No” to the wrong thing to do.

In America, government increased spending and increased taxes are the “wrong thing to do” during this recession. It is becoming the responsibility of the Tea Party to raise the “fire alarms” of serious problems and then propose a serious solution that can turn things around in 5-10 years. Any solution will take time.

Now you might be concerned about the Tea Party getting proper respect and influence. Republicans have more credibility than Dems but they still have contributed to all the problems. Whatever you do, do not trust the promises of Dem solutions. In the recent past the Dems (Frank/Dodd) have been wrong about the housing market, wrong to loosen qualifications for subprime loans, wrong about Fannie Mae, wrong about Freddie Mac. Other Dems (Obama/Biden)wrong about bailouts, wrong about too big to fail, wrong about owning government motors, wrong about the stimulus, wrong about Obamacare, wrong about illegal immigration, wrong about open borders, wrong about Obamacare rationing, wrong about Obamacare death panels, wrong about keeping your doctor and insurance if you like them, (Geithner) wrong about losing AAA rating at S&P, wrong about creating jobs, and wrong about unemployment levels. (Obama) wrong about public unions, wrong about the true intention of Muslims (world domination), wrong about the views of the majority of American taxpayers, and wrong about the Tea Party. There’s a lot more they were wrong about, but I think I made my point.

With this record of errors and bad decisions, I think it is perfectly justified, acceptable, and mandatory that you don’t listen to the people that supported all this bad legislation. Obamacare was not wanted by Americans, polls indicated that, and yet Obama passed it anyway against the wishes of the majority of voters. They really don’t know what they are doing. You are required to choose what you think is the best solution for the country, majority of voters, and the long term outlook. You are not expected to endorse the bad decisions made by others. Regardless. If you put on a blindfold, and throw your dart at the dart board, your choice can be no worse than all of theirs. In most cases the fiscal conservative solution will be the most beneficial thing to do.

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