Cryptcl: Darwinism: The Global Warming of Past Generations

Darwinism, or as I like to call it , the religion of evolution, is an obsolete, inaccurate, unsupported theory which contradicts the fossil record and has absolutely no basis in provable scientific fact. Scientists will continue to support the notion of evolution simply because of their hatred for the idea of religion and religious beliefs. These Darwinists, who believe in something that cannot be proven, hate religious people because they believe in things that cannot be proven. Darwinists refuse to accept the concept of a superior external entity being responsible for our very existence. This is interesting from the perspective that even if everything about evolution turns out to be completely accurate, it still doesn’t address our actual existence built on atomic and sub-atomic building blocks and how that atomic structure, chemical properties, laws of physics, and other related sciences came into existence. For life to exist on earth, millions of physical scientific relationships must perform flawlessly together or the whole Earth as we know it would collapse in on itself.

From the exact relations in the cosmology of our universe and solar system, to the exact architecture of atomic and sub-atomic properties and relationships between the atoms that define us. Evolution is a hodge podge of unscientific guesses, theories, speculation, wishful thinking, and pure fantasy that adds no quantifiable value to any scientific discussion. To the exact reproducible sciences that define our very animation and formation of species born out of and built by molecular structure, evolution is a comic book pretending to be a Shakespearean drama. To put it bluntly, without a plan and some sort of design, life and non-living structures could never exist symbiotically by random chance alone. Something with some form of intelligence arranges the molecular universe to produce the world as we see and understand it. Evolution completely ignores the molecular level of our existence, even though molecular structure are the building blocks on which our reality is constructed.

An egg becomes fertilized and then immediately starts to grow and morph into it’s predefined pattern of a particular species. So exactly where does that “design plan” come from? DNA? Who or what created this DNA according to the Darwinists? They believe that DNA evolved from DNA of simpler lifeforms to form the DNA of more complex lifeforms over millions of years. The mere complexity of DNA alone should bring into questions any chances of “random mutations”.

Has anyone ever noticed some of the larger symbiotic relationships that define our universe. The alignments of the Earth, Moon, and Sun must be precisely what they are for life to be possible. The slightest change in the position or tilt of these orbs would spell disaster to those on Earth.

Every species that roams our world is provided the exact food they need to survive. Herbivores are provided vegetation they can eat. Carnivores are provided weaker species they can consume. Every species has it’s own food source. Herbivores without vegetation die. Carnivores without prey die. Man is rather unique as it’s a species that is both herbivore and carnivore. There are very few species that are both herbivore and carnivore. This greatly increases the chance of man’s survival. The explosion in human life across the globe is a testament to the robustness of the species.

Our scientists and teachers are trained to support evolution. They teach our children evolution as if it were proven science. It is not proven and it is not science. It was an idea by Charles Darwin during his 5 year travels as a naturalist around the world. It should be noted that Darwin’s grandfather promoted similar conclusions in his book “Zoomania”, and it was Darwin’s father who dabbled in similar ideas in his book on “Transmutationism ” examining the transition of life forms. Darwin was furthering his grandfathers and fathers work.

IT should be noted that there are 2 types of evolution. Micro evolution is the changes within a single species, and Macro evolution is the changes from one species to another. Micro happens all the time. Over a generation birds beak get longer, or they change color. There has not been a single case of Macro evolution proven yet. For evolution to be true macro evolution must exist. One species changing into another is a pipe dream. Any book that shows the picture of lower primates changing to man is lying. No such proof exists.

One of the major problems evolution has is that it professes no plan and no design. It refuses to believe in a “grand designer” and therefore it must conclude that all mutations are totally random. The assumption that all mutations are totally random poses some major problems. It is unsupportable considering the completeness, uniformity, ability to survive, and the complexity of life as we know it. Each species has exactly what it needs for survival. How does one acheive completeness and complexity of a species through totally random means. One doesn’t. There is some form of design or plan at work on the species of this planet Earth. That is the only logical conclusion.

Much like Global Warming supporters, Darwinists have lowered the bar of scientific accuracy and predictablity. Even though all the major sciences and their experiments are exact sciences and results can be reproduced. Darwinism and Global Warming erroneously claim to be science but their behavior is not exact or predictable. Empirical science requires a formal set of rules, and set of experiments to prove those rules, and a set of results that are always identical for whichever test is run.

Global Warming and Darwinism are junk science perpetrated on our school children and adults. Global Warming for wealth redistribution at the global level, and Darwinism to discredit all the religions of the world in favor of science. Claiming empirical scientific proof that does not exist Global Warming and Darwinism will go the way of alchemy. Sounds like a good idea but it doesn’t pass the smell test. Just like in physics the is matter and anti-matter.  In our knowledge base their is science and anti-science. Darwinism and Global Warming are 2 examples of anti-science, while atomic structure and physic are empirical science.

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