Cryptcl: MSM Early Start on 2012 Election Fictional News, Fox Must Respond to All

MSM Behavior

  • Misquote GOP, Conservative or Tea Party Members. Always put stupid words in their mouths they didn’t say. Always ignore intelligent words they do say. Always ask them trick nonsense questions like “have you stopped beating your wife!”. The MSM reporter is responsible for making the conservative look bad and always mention something good about Obama.
  • Silence Any Reporter Who Doesn’t Openly Support Obama. Any reporter that is negative about Obama will lose air time. Reporters that praise Obama get more airtime. Reporters who praise conservatives lose airtime
  • Leave out any negative or stupid quotes from Obama. Only show positive statements and ask positive questions that make Obama look good.
  • Don’t ask Obama any hard questions. Keep it simple and positive.
  • Constantly complement Obama on the great job he is doing as president. How he is managing that bad economy from Bush?

Fox Behavior

  • Fox must explicitly point out the fictional news being presented by the MSM. The more fictional news exposed, the more informed the voters are. Constantly point out all these slights, intentional lies, and misrepresenting.

Examples of MSM Misconduct

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