Cryptcl: An Educated Man Rep. Andre Carson Accuses Tea Party of Wanting The Return Of Jim Crow Laws?

Somebody, anybody show me where the Tea Party has recommended, encouraged, requested, or in any way supported the return of the Jim Crow segregation laws of the early 20th century. The Tea Party is falsely accused and no one thinks to reprimand the false accuser. No just let them lie all they want. So I will confront the false accuser. Mr. Carson you are an educated man but apparently your strong suit is NOT civil rights legislation. I can say this without the slightest chance of contradiction. The Tea Party is against reinstating the Jim Crow laws. The laws were unconstitutional, discriminate against a race of people, and made the social system in America worse not better. So why would the Tea Party want to bring them back?

Oh its the CBC way of calling all Tea Party members racists without any evidence. I have an idea. If you, Mr. Carson, do not know what you are talking about perhaps you might just want to keep quiet. You’re only making a fool of yourself.

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