Cryptcl: Worries From Fox’s GOP Moderate Twilight Zone

Whomever thinks that Fox News represents the majority of conservatives wasn’t watching Fox this weekend. Chris Wallace, Charles Krauthammer, and Kirsten Powers proceeded to admonish Eric Cantor because Eric believes all expenses should be taken from lower priority cash that has already been allocated. I am not sure where the Fox News executives got the idea that fiscal conservatives have no supporters. They are GOP Moderates and NOT Tea Party conservatives. It is not Washington spending as usual. Regardless of the reason for spending. We can support victims of storms and nature with alternative sources of funding.

Fox declares themselves “fair and balanced” yet no voice for the supporters of Eric Cantor’s responsibility to regulate spending during these bad economic times were presented. Charles called republican’s “terrible” for their economic concern. Chris implied republicans are “heartless” for not admonishing Eric Cantor’s opinion. Kirsten is a democrat so she’s against anything GOP. No where did the conservative GOP say it would not help those in need from storm damage in a timely fashion. All that was said that we want to find alternative sources for that money. I guess Kirsten, Charles, and Chris are just tax and spend liberals. You know the type of spending that got us into this mess in the first place.

In fact Kirsten, Charles, and Chris are the “anti-Tea Party” panel. When Fox wants to attack the Tea Party this is the panel they use. Hell, they all sound like that lunatic Paul Krugman. For some reason they don’t understand that fiscal conservative policies are the only policies that can restore America’s solvency. Fox news cannot represent the conservatives of this nation if it does not support the Tea Party. They are faux conservatives, also known as GOP moderates, sometimes know as RINOs. They do not reflect or support the conservative pragmatic values of the majority of Americans. If the GOP puts forth a GOP moderate they will lose the election and will force the Tea Party to be a third party.

I have a suggestion: maybe Fox should report and let the users decide!

One other interesting item reveals whats under the skirt of Fox News. They presented the existence of a poll that indicates 70% of GOP voters do not want Sarah Palin to run. This poll was a web-based fill in the form, as many times, as you would like. 70% of GOP voters are not against Sarah Palin running. 70% of the GOP moderates that answered the poll are against Sarah Palin running.

I have a suggestion: maybe Fox should report and let the users decide!

Fox and GOP moderates are mistakenly ignoring the Tea Party conservatives. That could be a fatal mistake for both. What’s the problem? Tea Party handed Dems with greatest House defeats in 62 years and the GOP moderates are trying to ignore that? The Tea Party formed because conservative and concerned Americans do not trust Washington, Dems, or GOP to do what the voters want. Ignoring the Tea Party is turning your back on some of the most patriotic and dedicated Americans. If the Tea Party did not take the House elections, Obama and the Dems would be tax and spending America into oblivion!!!! And Fox and GOP moderates would be happy with the result. They can now blame the Dems for destroying our country, when they should have prevented it.

I have a suggestion: maybe Fox should report and let the users decide!

The poll results were reported on 9/3, the same day Sarah said she would have a speech in Iowa. For some reason, the speech in Iowa was prevented. Shame on GOP moderates. You will loose the election for conservatives.

One point about previous actions of Eric Cantor during hurricane Gaston in 2004. For starters the national debt and national deficit have at minimum tripled since 2004. Comparing financial policies between then and now is the real problem. Now we don’t have any choice but to change the tax and spend policies. What might have been acceptable in 2004 is not acceptable in 2011. Until people realize how serious out national position is, they will continue to compare policy apples to oranges. This is not normal financial policy time. That’s what caused all the problems.

On nonsense, Dick Cheney said he would like to see Hillary Clinton as president. Perhaps he should have said Sarah Palin. For some reason GOP moderates think TEA Party is extremists. No Tea Party is the conservative solution to the nations problems. Cheney is just another ignorant GOP moderate.

From a fiscal conservative perspective (short list):

  • don’t borrow money you can’t afford to or will never pay back
  • don’t spend money on lower priority projects
  • reuse lower priority project $’s for higher priority projects
  • reduce fraud in entitlements
  • reduce waste and duplication in government
  • downsize as much as possible
  • renegotiate all public union contracts.
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