Cryptcl: Santa Claus Is Real!

As we are entering the winter months I have a few words about that so-called mythical giver of gifts.

Does Santa Claus Exist?

Absolutely! He exists in the mind, heart, and families of most children and adults on the face of the Earth. But not for what you think. It is not the distribution of gifts that inspires our heart, although some gifts do inspire. It is his purpose and responsibility to accomplish the impossible with love, care, generosity, and charity. To boldly demonstrate that everyone deserves our attention, recognition, and praise for being exactly who they are. Santa Claus is the personification of a higher power who cherishes mankind and wants to nurture and protect humanity. Santa Claus is also the personification of us all. Physically imperfect, emotionally tied to others, always wanting the best for everyone,  poor dresser,  responsibilities completed seemingly by our very own magical existence, and no idea what the true reality is?

Now the cynics among us will “poo poo” the concept of Santa Claus as the evil creation of some deranged religious fanatics, but in fact the complete opposite is true. Santa Claus has prospered from the non-religious grassroots in nearly every society in the world. The warmth, love, and aspiration we experience from his mere mention proves the existence is in fact on a physical level. Our heart skips a beat, our ears perk up, and our expectation of the impossible seems plausible. Don’t believe it? Hook up anyone to a vital signs and polygraph machine and just mention his name. You will see physical changes that indicate happiness, security, anticipation, comfort, and joy.

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