Fox Presents Conservative Political Coverage Like An Outlet Of The MSM!

who's locking out Sarah?

Whatever happened to “we report, you decide”?

Fox news is betraying their viewers. The have always stated that they are fair and balanced. They are not. Currently they have presented the GOP presidential field as only Perry and Romney. They present  polls that only show Perry and Romney against Obama. The GOP moderate establishment and Fox news has decided to tell the American people who are the “only” good candidates. This information is tainted by bias towards GOP moderates and it ignores the historic performance of the Tea Party in taking back the House. The Tea Party could be just as historic in the presidential and Senate elections in 2012.

A poll showing Perry(50%) and Obama(48%), or Romney(%49) and Obama(47%) means it is a dead heat with no obvious winner. That’s not the way you want to enter a race. These polls are meaningless but they are touted by Fox as showing a GOP advantage. Nonsense.

Unfortunately Fox and GOP moderates are using their influence on media to fool the voting population into voting for a candidate that might not win. It should be noted that Sarah Palin gets 3rd place and she is not even a candidate. I am not sure why she is not throwing her hat into the ring. Someone somewhere has pressured her not to run for the the “good” of the GOP. Correction, that would only be for the “good” of the GOP moderates or RINOs as we like to call them.


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