GM Rewards Union For Contributing to GM’s Need for a Bailout?

A deal has been reached by GM and the UAW. It is a sweet heart deal for the UAW and a slap in the face  to Ford, Chrysler, and the American taxpayer. We bail them out so they avoid bankruptcy and these knuckleheads use our money to give bonuses to all the UAW union members. Isn’t that like donating to a heart transplant and finding out later the money was used for lattes for everyone? What a complete waste of taxpayer money. Technically, how does this happen when the taxpayer really owns GM through the U.S. government? Do all union workers deserve a $5000.00 bonus? I guarantee not. But to union types mediocrity is always rewarded whether it doesn’t deserve it or not.

American taxpayers are going through difficult unemployment times, yet unions seem out of touch with most Americans and unaffected by the current situation. These are the same union folks who have destroyed the solvency of the American automotive industry and act like they don’t give a damn. Because of the bailout, union compensation should have been less, not more. It makes no financial sense unless you are trying to avoid a union strike which shows the selfishness of the union leaders and rank/file members. Only unions would be pigheaded and insensitive to “party” on the taxpayer dime, all the while bitching at how they are all mistreated by GM and the other auto makers.

GM has set a union sweet heart deal as the benchmark for the upcoming Ford and Chrysler union negotiations. They will be expected to provide similar bonuses to union workers even though Ford has never received a taxpayer bailout. Once again the field is not level and favors the arrogant selfish unions.

Private sector and foreign workers do not get the same benefits and yet the private sector taxpayer is bailing out the UAW members for the American people and the union spits in their face by throwing the money away on undeserved union member bonuses. Union workers already make 3 times what private sector workers make, and they still want more. Unions suck!

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