Obama: I’ll veto any bill that isn’t “balanced” with tax hikes

Americans don’t like to be threatened. Obama is obsessed with raising taxes. It doesn’t matter if the tax increase solves the problem. His knee-jerk reaction to any problem is raise taxes. He places unfair burden on the taxpayer instead of the government worker. Government workers are over payed and over compensated for their work and yet no one is willing to correct past mistakes. Obama is using his vast knowledge of the business world and his business management experience (there is no experience), to bring in more funds for the government to waste.

The economic problems are not a lack of tax revenue. They are uncontrolled spending, agency duplication, and waste. Reducing spending does more to resolve the problems than raising taxes on job creators. Americans at every income level that pay taxes are paying enough taxes. 50% of Americans do not pay any taxes. The top 0.02% of taxpayers (millionaires) pay over 20% of the tax bill. If job creators are unsure what their tax burden will be then they are not likely to create new jobs at a risk to their finances.

This POTUS is wrong about every major policy solution to our economic problems. He is out of touch with both the American taxpayer and voters. The result will be an administration change in 2012. This change of leadership will only occur if GOP nominates some real conservative candidates to replace Obama. Nominating RINOs will not win the election.

Real conservatives GOP,  conservative independents, and conservative Democrats will not turn out to vote for RINOs. I for one will not vote for a RINO ever, period! Perry and Romney are both RINOs. They are conservative until you ask a conservative question expecting a conservative response. Instead you get wishy washy non-committal answers supporting single payer government controlled health care (Romneycare, Perrycare), and supporting evolution as a valid and provable science. Evolution is being unproven everyday by the fossil record. Both Perry and Romney will lose just like John McCain did.

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