Haliburton is corruption? Solyndra, BrightSource Energy Is Just Doing Business With The Government?

Has anyone noticed in the Obama administration that “green crony capiltalism” is WH policy. Green companies with the close ties to this administration and its members are pissing away taxpayers money. The same individuals that don’t mention Solyndra and BrightSource, were the ones that screamed for 8 years about Haliburton and Cheney being cronies.

Solyndra received $535 Million loan and BrightSource received funding assistance of $1.37 Billion. Solyndra went bankrupt defaulting on their loan. BrightSource is still operating but for how long? As long as Obama Commerce secretary, who used to be on the BrightSource Board of Directors, keeps funneling money to the company. Can you say conflict of interest? It does not appear that the needs and requirements of the taxpayers has much priority in their decisions. It’s all free money when you work in the government. Spend as much as you want.

Obama hates capitalism, business, and corporate executives unless they are supporters and donors to his campaigns. There are lots of small solar companies yet the only ones that receive any funding happen to be friends of the POTUS. What a coincidence?

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