#Occupy {Any Street} Protests, Unsuccessful Americans Seeking Socialism?

theses people don't want to be responsible for themselves!

They’re tired and angry about being responsible for themselves. They don’t want to work or educate themselves or do anything that takes personal effort. They want to be like spoiled European’s who live off the socialist system and somehow keep their self-respect. The Europeans are just as unhappy with their system. They are not responsible for their lot in life. The government and the wealthy are! This is the anti-American revolution. Freedom and liberty mean nothing to these weirdos. Only a free lunch and a free life are worth anything!

I looked over their demands. What a pile of nonsense. They want everybody to get paid the same whether they work or not. Gee I think everyone will decide not to work. Here’s just some of the issues they bring up:

  • abandon fossil fuel and nuclear power. I guess that leaves solar, wind, and treadmill power for all of us. Let’s put the energy industry out of business.
  • pay minimum wage of $20.00 per hour. Vast majority of small businesses go bankrupt and there are no jobs at all.
  • pay people same living wage if they work or do not work. Who would select to work?
  • throw away trillions of dollars in infrastructure (stimulus2?) and environmental causes. No return on investment here.
  • put credit rating services and banks out of business by wiping out all debt for everyone. Millions of companies will go belly up.
  • close all private health care providers and have the government do it with a single payer system (Obamacare?).

That’s enough to show the lunacy of these people. Logic, reason, pragmatism, and well thought out demands don’t exists from these people. Hell many of the demonstrators don’t know what they are demonstrating about. They want to be taken care of by socialism?

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