Modern Medicine: Bipolar Shotgun Pharmecuticals Interpolation

I have been diagnosed as Bipolar. There is not a really good explanation of what that really means other than the doctors need to medicate you to make you all better. So I follow my doctors orders, take the medication I am given, and report my progress of symptoms as the drugs take affect. Now one thing that is paramount and impressed on a daily basis…..never abruptly stop taking your meds on your own. The consequences of stopping meds are dangerous and different for everyone. I take the ever changing assortment of meds and try to smile through all the symptoms.

Recently, I have become aware of the medical process involved with treating bipolar patients. Give a mixture of meds used to treat anxiety to depression and then watch the effects of the “shotgun” of meds that has been administered. The doctor analyzes and interpolates the symptoms and then makes adjustments. The meds change, the symptoms change, and the patient is a detached observer of their own pharmecutical fate. Involved in this process is luck, good guesses, and the compassion of the doctor.

I have now been on assorted meds for almost 6 years. The meds have been responsible for bouts of anxiety, depression, mania, and insomnia. I no longer know what is normal for my personality. But I cannot stop the meds. The meds keep coming. It’s like a shotgun of pharmecuticals and then crossing your fingers in hope for a solution to the original problem. All we have are new symptoms with no reference point to the original problem. I am getting depressed.

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