The Syrian Challenge

America is pushed to make a stand against the brutal forces of Assad. Assad’s forces have butchered their own people and it is time for the U.S. to take a stand for the good fight. Assad must be replaced with another regime. Even Al Qaeda based government is better than the Assad regime.

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The Benghazi Deception

The Benghazi hearings scheduled to allow  whistle blowers to have their say will prove to be a watershed event. 8 months after Benghazi and we still have no one brought to justice for the attack. The government is trying to ignore the attack and ignore the impacts of such an attack on American global security. Al Qaeda and its affiliates is still a threat and now is more distributed under local control and organization. Which means we have a lot more independent groups to follow and protect against. The grand hierarchy of Usama Bin Laden no longer exists and terrorist groups are free to make their own attack plans as was done in Benghazi.. We still must maintain safe gaurds to prevent attacks from a wider range of foes.

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