Cryptcl: MSM Early Start on 2012 Election Fictional News, Fox Must Respond to All

MSM Behavior

  • Misquote GOP, Conservative or Tea Party Members. Always put stupid words in their mouths they didn’t say. Always ignore intelligent words they do say. Always ask them trick nonsense questions like “have you stopped beating your wife!”. The MSM reporter is responsible for making the conservative look bad and always mention something good about Obama. (more…)
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Cryptcl: Bozell: Media Delusional in Covering Tea Party

Media Research Center founder and conservative activist L. Brent Bozell III says the media backlash against grass-roots conservatism following the debt-ceiling deal is so extreme as to reflect “an exercise in delusional thinking,” and charges most media outlets are “completely in the tank” for President Barack Obama in his bid to win re-election.


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Cryptcl: Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, Cryptcl’s 12th Commandment

“Thou shalt not speak ill of any other Republican”
                                                             – Ronald Reagan 

“Always speak ill of a liberal, progressive, elitist, socialist, communist, far-left, Democrat because the MSM never will”
                                                              – cryptcl

All GOP/Tea Party candidates can speak of their skills, fitness for the job, and accomplishments.
All GOP/Tea Party candidates can speak ill of Democrats and the Obama Administration.

All GOP/Tea Party candidates do not speak ill of one any other Republican.

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Cryptcl: Carney: Yeah, we don’t think Americans care about GDP, jobless numbers

Americans do care about it as it impacts everyone’s life. The unemployed care about it even more than the employed.

This administration is not doing things to create jobs, they are doing things to avoid talking about creating jobs. Maybe if they don’t mention the unemployment rate, Americans won’t notice and they’ll still elect him in 2012. All Obama cares about is the election. He is doing nothing to help solve the nations problems. If anything Obama is an obstacle to finding solutions to the nations problems.

Carney is the unprepared non-transparent spokesman for the Obama Administration. He provides the juvenile “sponge bob square pants” perspective to current national affairs.


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Cryptcl: BOMBSHELL FLASHBACK: ABC News Paid $200,000 to Casey Anthony Family

Why is this girl smiling? Because she has conned $200,000 out of ABC to help pay for her expensive lawyers that were able to get her acquitted of all major charges. I hope ABC viewers stop watching in protest. What is a media outlet doing paying for an accused murderers defense?
She is also smiling because she conned 12 jurors out of using common sense. Caylee was at home, suddenly dead, placed into car, dumped in local swampy area. So exactly what makes Casey Anthony not guilty. I guess the jurors needed to have a complete video tape of the incident before they will find anyone guilty.


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Cryptcl: Salon Fakes Palin, Bachmann Quotes Blaming Obama for Casey Anthony Verdict


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Cryptcl: MRC (Media Research Center): Brent Bozell

Even Bedtime Stories Get Profane

Jon Stewart vs. Fox Facts


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Cryptcl: Phone hacking: pressure in United States to investigate News Corporation, Murdoch drops bid for British Sky Broadcasting



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Cryptcl: Media Matters Uses Tax-Free Funds to Attack Fox News?

If Media Matters is a partisan political website, then why does it have tax exempt status?


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Cryptcl: Media attack budget cutters for “Burning Down DC”

Thanks to MRC (Media Research Center) and Brent Bozell.
Notice the outrageous exaggerated extremist attacks by the MSM on the party that is trying not to raise taxes on Americans because of the recession. They use personal insults, name calling, and falsely accuse conservatives because they can’t beat the conservatives on the merits of each ones position on issues. It’s just easier for a Dem to call you a meaningless name, and then walk away acting like they won the argument.
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Cryptcl: IndieWire Writer Finds Appearance of Black Conservative in Palin Doc ‘Shocking’

Shocked because a black man has conservative values and doesn’t feel owned by the Dem party. Shocked because a black man is making decisions for himself.  Black Tea Party members exist, and more are welcome to join the revolution against business and spending as usual in D.C. Their numbers are increasing every day, because blacks are realizing they have been lied to for years by the Dems, and their political views are moving to the right,  to the conservative values, policies, and politics. Tea Party is NOT a racial group it is a conservative group whose values apply to all races.
You will find both more conservative blacks, and more blacks in the Tea Party movement then you will see in the MSM. Includes NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, CSpan, NY Times, La Times, Newsweek, Time, and CNN HLN combined. So who is racially biased?


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Cryptcl: More Leftist Propaganda Spoon-fed to Your Kids Through ‘Glee’

Every TV show, every cartoon, every cable show, every situation comedy, every class lesson in K-12 public school, and every teacher they ever met are all liberal, progressive, union, socialist, elitist, anti-religion, pro-abortion, pro-evolution, anti-American, pro-Muslim, pro-Illegal Immigrants, pro-open borders, pro-high taxes, pro-socialized medicine, pro-tax and spend Democrats, and pro-run your life with their opinions (San Fran: obesity, happy meal, compost garbage, no buying pets). They substitute their views for your’s because they believe they can’t trust you to take care of yourself and do the right thing. They are community monitors designed to control YOU.

The message and political views of a TV show are determined by the writers, directors, and producers. Even on a FOX network liberal progressive ideas are part of free speech. They should not be silenced. There should just be a more fair and balanced presentation of liberal and conservative views.


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Cryptcl: Hollywood Finally Admits It Discriminates Against Conservatives


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Cryptcl: Rotten Tomatoes Lists Palin Film as ‘Science Fiction & Fantasy’

The left wing propaganda is even worse on the web because many sites have no fact checking.


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Cryptcl: Whoopi Gets Facts Wrong in Bizarre Racial Rant Against Michele Bachmann


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Cryptcl: ‘MILF’: How the MSM Uses Popular Culture To Do Their Dirty Work


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Cryptcl: White House E-mails Show Anti-Fox Bias, Obama Administration Blackballed Fox News, Fox Attacked Excluded from Interview Pool




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Cryptcl: Tea Partier Whips Libs Silly on NBC News


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Cryptcl: WH In Denial, Desparate MSM, Desparate Dems, Praise Obama, Attack Enemies With Insults, Name Calling, False Accusations, and Juvenile Exaggerations

 On PBS, Stephanopoulos Insists Obama’s ‘Done Remarkably Well’ in Office Despite Tough Times


Desperate Matthews Urges Viewers: Call Congress and Tell Them to Ignore Tea Party’s ‘Stay-At-Home’ Bloggers


Martin Bashir on NBC’s Today: Rupert Murdoch ‘A Combination of Jack Abramoff and James “Whitey” Bulger’

Reid Calls Tea Party Philosophy ‘a Bunch of Garbage’

Harry, could you be a little more specific about what you don’t like about Tea Party views?


Obama Blames Bush, Warns of ‘Armageddon’

Blaming Bush, Obama is not responsible for anything he’s done . More Armageddon scare tactics.


Obama Dodges: ‘Congress Has Run Up the Credit Card’

Blames congress for stimulus and costs of Obamacare? Both houses of Congress were controlled by Democrats when those bills were passed.


Rove Dumfounded by Obama’s ‘Hypocrisy’: ‘He Just Doesn’t Get It’

Obama’s mind has two modes of operation. Tax and Spend.


Pelosi Worships Obama: ‘Nobody Can Debate Him’

Yes Nancy, He is the chosen one?


POTUS: ‘This May Bring Down My Presidency, But I Will Not Yield on This’

Well the GOP and Teas Party will not yield on forcing no tax or borrowing or spending increases.


U.S. Too Dumb to Know Obama Is Always Right

We know this because the stimulus and Obamacare were perhaps the worst legislative decisions ever made. They are huge failures and were always unwanted by the American voter.

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