Cryptcl: Worries From Fox’s GOP Moderate Twilight Zone

Whomever thinks that Fox News represents the majority of conservatives wasn’t watching Fox this weekend. Chris Wallace, Charles Krauthammer, and Kirsten Powers proceeded to admonish Eric Cantor because Eric believes all expenses should be taken from lower priority cash that has already been allocated. I am not sure where the Fox News executives got the idea that fiscal conservatives have no supporters. They are GOP Moderates and NOT Tea Party conservatives. It is not Washington spending as usual. Regardless of the reason for spending. We can support victims of storms and nature with alternative sources of funding.


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Cryptcl: An Educated Man Rep. Andre Carson Accuses Tea Party of Wanting The Return Of Jim Crow Laws?

Somebody, anybody show me where the Tea Party has recommended, encouraged, requested, or in any way supported the return of the Jim Crow segregation laws of the early 20th century. The Tea Party is falsely accused and no one thinks to reprimand the false accuser. No just let them lie all they want. So I will confront the false accuser. Mr. Carson you are an educated man but apparently your strong suit is NOT civil rights legislation. I can say this without the slightest chance of contradiction. The Tea Party is against reinstating the Jim Crow laws. The laws were unconstitutional, discriminate against a race of people, and made the social system in America worse not better. So why would the Tea Party want to bring them back?

Oh its the CBC way of calling all Tea Party members racists without any evidence. I have an idea. If you, Mr. Carson, do not know what you are talking about perhaps you might just want to keep quiet. You’re only making a fool of yourself.

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Cryptcl: Rep. Andre Carson: Tea Party Wants To See Black Americans ‘Hanging on a Tree’

Billie Holiday / Strange Fruit lyrics

Southern trees bear strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Pastoral scene of the gallant south,
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh,
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.

Here is fruit for the crows to pluck,
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck,
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop,
Here is a strange and bitter crop.

As Billy Holiday implies: Hanging “Strange Fruit” was done by white Democrat southerners or those known as “Dixiecrats”. Not northern or southern GOP.


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Cryptcl: Obama’s Sense of Emergency And Concern Leaves Much To Be Desired.

How can Obama be so incompetent and unconcerned in helping to solve the jobs, unemployment, and economy. There is a serious number of Americans in financial distress, and he goes on vacation for a week before revealing his economic solution proposal. When the stimulus plan he had failed the economy was in the crapper and he’s done nothing since.

A president’s priority is the welfare of his citizens. American citizens have not been a priority. Obama has shown no leadership, resolve, or motivation. He really doesn’t seem to care about the financial conditions of his countrymen.

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Cryptcl: MSM Early Start on 2012 Election Fictional News, Fox Must Respond to All

MSM Behavior

  • Misquote GOP, Conservative or Tea Party Members. Always put stupid words in their mouths they didn’t say. Always ignore intelligent words they do say. Always ask them trick nonsense questions like “have you stopped beating your wife!”. The MSM reporter is responsible for making the conservative look bad and always mention something good about Obama. (more…)
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Cryptcl: The Emperor is a Pretender To The Thrown, Has No Clothes, Fiddles While US Burns, and is Shredding the Constitution

This Pretender to the Throne Must Be Stopped

The Emperor Has No Clothes

               The Emperor Fiddles While US Burns

“We need to remind President Obama that we elected a president that serves beneath the law and did not anoint a king that is above the law.”
– Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

The American have repeatedly people told Barack Obama “no amnesty for illegal aliens,” but apparently, the word “no” makes Barack Obama very angry. Like a spoiled child, he’s drawn a line in the sand: Congress doesn’t tell him what to do and the American people most certainly don’t tell him what to do.


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Cryptcl: Our Shared Sacrifice?

In this economy we all have to share the sacrifice, help each other as needed, and vote this awful president out of office. We all have a responsibility to our neighbors who may be hit hard by unemployment. We need to offer whatever help we can. Americans will help Americans get back on their feet. Four more years of this president will destroy this country and therefore he must loose the election. Some notes about his presidency so far.


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Cryptcl: Darwinism: The Global Warming of Past Generations

Darwinism, or as I like to call it , the religion of evolution, is an obsolete, inaccurate, unsupported theory which contradicts the fossil record and has absolutely no basis in provable scientific fact. Scientists will continue to support the notion of evolution simply because of their hatred for the idea of religion and religious beliefs. These Darwinists, who believe in something that cannot be proven, hate religious people because they believe in things that cannot be proven. Darwinists refuse to accept the concept of a superior external entity being responsible for our very existence. This is interesting from the perspective that even if everything about evolution turns out to be completely accurate, it still doesn’t address our actual existence built on atomic and sub-atomic building blocks and how that atomic structure, chemical properties, laws of physics, and other related sciences came into existence. For life to exist on earth, millions of physical scientific relationships must perform flawlessly together or the whole Earth as we know it would collapse in on itself.


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Cryptcl: Obama is a one trick pony. Give a speech.

By Nate Beeler - August 18, 2011

To Obama leadership means another “major speech” with no actions to support the empty promises and useless rhetoric. By his speech alone he thinks the economy and jobs will miraculously self heal. This is a president who is clueless about running a country. We all knew that he was clueless in 2008 when his career of absolutely no accomplishments was touted as qualified for the presidency. The liberal progressive Democrats, pundits, and boot licking MSM looked the other way when it came to vetting this man’s qualifications. For starters he never held any executive position that required leadership and tough decisions. Obama is the champion for illegal immigrants, Muslims, socialists, far left activists, and public unions. He openly ignores the wishes and issues of the majority of American voters. Majority of taxpaying voting Americans are not on his priority list.

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Cryptcl: Blame Baby Blame

By Glenn McCoy - August 16, 2011

By Eric Allie - August 11, 2011

The countries problems are caused by Bush, the Tea Party, ATM machines, earth quakes, floods, rich people, GOP, the internet, conservatives, etc. etc. etc. But there is no blame on this administration and it’s far left policy decisions. He makes decisions against the wishes of the majority of Americans and then he wonders why the majority of Americans are angry with him. The majority of Americans are angry because he blames his own screw-ups, failures from the stimulus to cash for clunkers, on the majority of hardworking taxpaying Americans.

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Cryptcl: All Aboard!

By Lisa Benson - August 12, 2011

Warning after warning was expressed to Obama and he ignored the nay sayers and decided that he knew what was best for this country. He reaches into his empty bag of acheivements and accomplishments and tries to apply them to the current financial and jobs crisis. He does not realize that “doing nothing” is not a proactive policy and political solution. It is pure procrastination with hopes of an unexpected miracle to fix the problems. That miracle will never come.

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Cryptcl: Why Does the Left Fear Sarah Palin?









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Cryptcl: Dems: Mistakes, Errors, Bad Decisions, Misinformed, And Misreading American Voters

How does one know that they are not an obstructionist, and are really an informed participant that is unwilling to do anything that is not fiscally conservative.

Oh you’ll be called names “holding a gun to the head of  taxpayers”, “terrorists”, “obstructionists”, “refuse to compromise”, “hateful”, and “fear mongers”. The bottom line is that you need confidence in your convictions and the will to stand firm and not be intimidated by hagglers who want to water down the good effects of a policy. Sometimes it is not business as usual, and not compromise as usual. Sometimes it’s do what you know is the right thing and say “Hell No” to the wrong thing to do.


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Cryptcl: CNN’s Costello Floats Bill Maher’s, Al Gore’s Ideas of Liberal Tea Party


Carol Costello (CNN talking head), Bill Maher(HBO comic), and Al Gore (global warming delusional) have mentioned maybe the country needs to start a liberal Tea Party. To me these guys are the three stooges trying to act politically astute. That just shows how little these liberal progressives understand about what the Tea Party is, why it exists, and what are it’s goals and purpose.


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Cryptcl: Obamanation: Who Voted For These Incompetents?

The current administration is perhaps the greatest collection of clueless, incompetent, partisan, out of touch with American voters, tax and spenders extraordinaire, deaf, dumb, and blind to their own mistakes and any well intentioned advice from others more knowledgeable. The “Mickey Mouse Club” of career poser politicians destroying America includes Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Napolitano, Geithner, Axelrod, Carney, and Jarrett.


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Cryptcl: Schadenfreude: The World Delights in America’s Misfortune

The nations of the world are in harmony, all grinning and hoping for the failure of America. Taking delight in the misfortune of America indicates a pronounced juvenile stance and a lack of empathy. America the country that has spilled it’s blood and spent it’s treasure protecting, liberating, and rebuilding other nations in their times of distress. Protecting and encouraging democracies and universal human rights everywhere in the world for almost a hundred years. Arriving to help those nations less fortunate and in crisis. America’s arms filled with charitable resources, never asking or expecting anything in return. This is the country that lost over 50,000 soldiers trying to keep Vietnam free from brutal communism, WWI and WWII combined over 500,000 deaths to help save the European continent twice, untold millions to reconstruct Europe and Japan following WWII, the creation of the League of Nations after WWI to improve communication between nations, the creation of the United Nations after WWII to provide that same desperately needed positive interaction, the untold billions in foreign aid to countries all over the world, the Berlin Air Lift, the Cuban missile crisis, the cold war to thwart the spread of communism, participating in Bosnia/Kosovo to prevent genocide against Muslims, and billions in crisis dollars to friend and foe nations in dire catastrophe.


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Cryptcl: The Insanity Of The Norway Killer

Just thinking about the actions of the Norway killer makes one confused with shock and disbelief. Here is a European adult who is violently opposed, bordering on OCD, to the Islamification of Europe. I agree that Islamification of Europe or the U.S. is not compatible with democracies. Islam is a civil government and a religion. It’s dogma and beliefs directly conflict with the concept of freedoms, liberties, and human rights. There will be tremendous conflict between the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds in the decades to come. During those decades they will still discuss the Norway killer and how his actions make little rational sense.


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Cryptcl: GOP Moderates and Tea Party, It’s Like Kissing Your Sister

Eagle Eye GOP Voters

The 2 key elements that will ensure a GOP/Republican POTUS and Senate victories in 2012 have got to come to the understanding that everyone will not like everything. Moderates and conservatives need to focus on the prize. If GOP and Tea Party can work together there is no reason they can’t come out on top in 2012. GOP needs to understand that much of the Tea Party, regardless of previous policy positions, now realize that for austerity reasons conservative policies are what is best for the country right now. Over the next few years reformation, public employee compensation adjustments, spending cuts, shrinking government by removing duplication, reducing and removing fraud in public entitlements wherever possible are all components in putting the country on the right course for the next few decades.


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Cryptcl: Bozell: Media Delusional in Covering Tea Party

Media Research Center founder and conservative activist L. Brent Bozell III says the media backlash against grass-roots conservatism following the debt-ceiling deal is so extreme as to reflect “an exercise in delusional thinking,” and charges most media outlets are “completely in the tank” for President Barack Obama in his bid to win re-election.


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Cryptcl: The Expanding Footprint Of The Tea Party

The left-wing of this country is going bezerk about the very existence of the Tea Party, Tea Party candidates, and Fox News. They are at war with the Tea Party, their candidates, and with Fox News. The problem is that the Democrats are already a day late and a dollar short. The Democrats missed the Tea Party birth about 1-2 years ago. That’s when the Tea Party was just finding it’s role and participation in the American political system. Since then the Tea Party has grown into a true grass roots movement that includes all Americans, all political parties, and a single purpose, of fixing the American financial, immigration, health care, economy, and jobs crisis through tough austerity and conservative principals.


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